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View Poll Results: Lunia is going upper or lower on newcommers
Upper = They are just as good as we 21 25.30%
Down = They really need to listen betters and learn 62 74.70%
Voters: 83. You may not vote on this poll

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04-02-2008   #41 (permalink)
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I beat a lvl 47 on my lvl 10. 6 times.... >.>

He kept screaming at me saying I was just getting lucky.. the fact was, I was in the free server. -_-

So in other words, 10 hits from him and a knockup would be death... Almost everytime I ended with 2 or 3 lives. X.x

I may not know any fancy shifting and crap but I know enough to NOT get hit, and this guy just sucked going on and on and on that he was a higher lvl and that I was a noob for having no armor and being lvl 10...

It's making me not want to PvP, I like a challenge and I like to actully lose to the BETTER man/woman because you see your mistake and try to improve. And most of the people I see are high lvl noobs who do aaaaa and think there ub3r or l33t.

I think this will be a rising problem for about a year or so untill some of the new people settle in and actully TRY to learn something. It's sad when your on a lvl 10 file teaching somebody in the 40's and 50's how to do a basic kick-s combo.

Life goes on...
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04-02-2008   #42 (permalink)
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the phrase "too many beginners" is just stupid for an mmo.
im not trying to lash at anyone, but lets break it down
"massively multiplayer online role playing game"
we have 30 squares, one server which is never maxed out - clearly more coming at some point in the future (be it 10 years), so why not have more players?
mmo's thrive on having a larger community, you have more people to trade/party/pvp with, more to meet etc. as for them being beginners, no one's going to pick the game up and be pro straight off, everyone starts somewhere.

i dont see why it would bother anyone anyway, its not like you're going to lose hair over beating someone in pvp (which is meant to be a good thing right? who cares if they call you a hacker)

just my 2c
04-02-2008   #43 (permalink)
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Aloha from the Midwest,

I feel that I may need to drop my $0.02 as well on this subject, what with the noobishness and all.

First and Foremost, of all the people I've met or dealt with in this game so far almost all of the extremely skilled and higher level ones have been pretty nice and cool. Sure, they may have kicked me around like a pimp does to a 2 dollar hooker that fails to acquire his money, but hey, what do you expect? Regardless of that, if I ask a question, most of them have taken the time to answer it. Some people give advice when I fail horribly, and I appreciate that too.

My point is, as far as a community goes, this one is a good one. I've played Maple Story, and I enjoyed it for a good amount of time. However the one thing that got under my skin there, was the kids that would spend 24/7 on the game and get to like, level 150 in 2 weeks or whatever, and assume they are Jesus in MMORPG form. They were bastards for the most part. I also came from FreeStyle Street Basketball. The community there was Elitist as hell for a long time. When the game fully was released, there was maybe 9-10 people that really knew how to play, and they horded the knowledge. I recall making a post explaining why people get the ball stolen if they pump fake, and I had 3 replys in a matter of seconds telling me "OMGWTF Take this down! They don't need to know this!".

I sort of went off on a tangent for a second, but the point I'm ultimately trying to reach is: The community here is good. It's helpful for the most part, and most of the people seem nice. Every MMO Will have newbies. Some people will just get it, some people will need help, and some will fail and ultimately quit. It's the job of a good community(especially when a game is as competitive as this one), to nurture the new players so that they can grow to be a challenge.
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04-02-2008   #44 (permalink)
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Just about any mmo I play it is always the same thing for me. I love newbies and hate arrogant pro's who think they are gods. Sure there are annoying newbies who think that lvl is all that matters, but most seem to be willing to learn in my experience. This game needs more people desperately. There is only about 1.2K people on at most. That's nothing compared to many mmo's. My advice is just to ignore people who scream and complain, and maybe try to help them out if they will listen.
04-02-2008   #45 (permalink)
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I would say that they are just as good as we, or they have the potential that we have.

From playing many other action MMO's that require skill, like GunZ. I have learned that it is the new players that keep the community alive, and strive to get better in their skill level.
04-02-2008   #46 (permalink)
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Partying with beginners in most stages still makes the stage get cleared faster than soloing it. Considering that there are so few Ep 2 Legend+ parties these days, I'll take what I can get!
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