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03-28-2008   #81 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Moogler
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Frickenmoron told me about lunia OB, and it being an action mmo, not point-and-click mmo. I had spare time then so I tried it out. Rest is history.
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03-28-2008   #82 (permalink)
Dragon NestLuniaDungeon Fighter Online
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My brother told me about Lunia. After trying it out, I've been playing it ever since. :]
03-30-2008   #83 (permalink)
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I was playing a game named SCO at the time, and the people there were talking about this game called exteel and how it was in closed beta and such. They wouldn't stop talking aobut this game for weeks and one guy said that the 2 weeks he play exteel during closed beta, waas the best 2 weeks of his life.

now with that being said, i decided to look up this game called "exteel." Finding it, and was greatly dissapointed when i couldn't sign up for it, as it was in closed beta. So i decided to find the korean version of the game and give it a go. stumbled upon nexon dled exteel and tried it out.

now what does this have to do with lunia you may ask? well, the language barrier on exteel killed the game for me, i uninstalled it and as i was browsing through the nexon website, i just happen to see a little icon with eir on it, with the word "HOT" beside it. I assumed this game was hot so i decided to take a look, and i watched the video of episode 5 and dacy being released.

after that i waited until GLunia came out and the first day it came out i made a mage =D
03-30-2008   #84 (permalink)
ggFTW Stalker
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I was pretty much looking for some new MMOs to try out, so I registered on to find out about games. I played something like Monato Esprit for a bit, then kinda just stopped. Played some FlyFF; didn't get very far at all on it. Think I only got to 1st job extension and a few levels up, then got extremely bored. After that, I tried Lunia. It was really exciting at first, but starting on episode 2, I got a bit frustrated and sorta stopped playing because it would always crash me when I got to a Square. Then I played Rakion. (which is pretty much wrecked now) Played for a year or 2, pretty much quit now. Played a bit of Shaiya: Light and Darkness... got really bored after getting to 33. Way too grindy. And here I am now, playing Lunia once more. Thankfully, some problems were fixed.
04-03-2008   #85 (permalink)
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hmm.. mine's quite boring.. im playing maplesea one day and got so pissed off by my cleric.. went to and saw an advertisement abt lunia.. i click it and i appear in the game webby.. OMG THIS GAME IS SOOOO COOL!!! and played lunia ever since.. XD
04-03-2008   #86 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Regular
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I was bored, so I decided to browse the "Chat" section of BasilMarket. There I see a topic about "Lunia". Of course, I had no idea what was or is a Lunia. I clicked on the thread, I clicked some other link, and then another, AND THEN ANOTHER. The last link being the download to Lunia. During the time it was in OB. Wah-la LUNIA!
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04-05-2008   #87 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Regular
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i was playing trickster online and i decided to quit mmo's period because every single one did the same thing!!!! Then my friend was like check this game out he takes his laptop everywhere...seriously How in the hell do u have internet access everywhere u go!!! In his car he has internet!....anywayz he made me play on our way to the movies and i liked it so much i didnt even get out the car to watch the movie. ^^
04-05-2008   #88 (permalink)
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Mike here.

You've been playing for to years now and yet you're still a noob...

XanGiest Fabulous
04-06-2008   #89 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Lurker
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I happened to be on gamengame website and saw Lunia.
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04-06-2008   #90 (permalink)
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Well you see....back in the mapling days, I was at and saw an ad for it, and I said to myslef :hey this looks cool...let me check it out."

The ad led me to this forum, and the forum led me to the game(about 2 months before the OB)


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