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Kotarou 10-10-2008 04:29 PM

ATTN: Market Users
EDIT: Fix'ed.

At any rate, (ex-)MyLunians, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE MARKET RULES are a little different, especially regarding bumping auctions.

9. The maximum number of bumping is 3 times. If all 3 bumps are used in the span of an hour, it is the seller's loss.

Here are some old rules that came into mind:

3. You may not intrude in another person's buying thread to buy from a seller. Doing so will get you an infraction.

9. YOU MAY NOT, AT ANY TIME, pull back an item. Think carefully if you want to auction it, and if you start the auction, that's it. The only way for you to reclaim your item is simply that no one bids for it.
...does not apply at the moment. However, the iTrader function DOES WORK now. People can give positive and negative feedback on your market behaviour, so do be careful.

Finally, please, PLEASE read: MyMMOGames - Site Rules

Have a nice day~

P/S. Any questions, feel free to PM.

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