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Arietta 09-03-2013 10:41 AM

Workhouse - 1-on-1 with dark knight
Anyone know how to kill the dark knight enemy in the solo part of DD workhouse easier with Ryan? My Ryan is Lvl 86 with 12k strength, and can only get him down to about half health before the timer expires. I'm basically just spamming impartial shot/true impartial shot nonstop and keeping him in the air. Is there no other way besides having like 30k str or something? Though if you already have 30k str then there's little point to playing? O_o

Light 09-03-2013 12:44 PM

The answer is simple, get more strength.
That's the only thing left to do in the game.

Arietta 09-03-2013 02:02 PM

Yes "get more str" is the answer to anything in this game.
But how?
I'm already full set of Sardes II except the weapon because no way I can afford that. The only thing I can improve on my char is getting a Sardes II weapon.
- Sardes II weapon costs 30k right now
- DDK III pieces are like 20k-60k each
- DDK III weapon is like 70k-80k
- Drop rate for myth equipment in m5/6 is nonexistent. You might get 1 equip box every 50 boss kills or so. And a piece of m5/6 equipment is only like what, 200-500 gold?
- No one is doing DD1/DD2. Everyone is doing DD5. Oh and DD1/2 are impossible to solo unless you're already like 30k str, so no I can't get devildom equips unless I'm in an overpowered party
And no cash shop can't be "abused" because no matter how many dummy accounts you have they don't transfer into gold. You can buy 9999999999 boxes of costumes and still have to wait for them to sell one by one.
So as far as I know I'm out of options for how to afford those insanely overpriced devildom equips. People keep telling me to quit this dead game but I play with a couple of friends so it's not THAT boring... yet... so don't just reply with a "just quit the game" lol.

Light 09-03-2013 03:09 PM

Give up and "just quit the game".

On a more serious note, the game truly is about just farming up for money and buying the better gear just like any other MMO out there, if you learn to master the market then you can buy anything you ever wanted only to sell it off again when you're done with the game.

If you don't really have the patience to master the market then you'll sadly have to grind yourself up towards getting something better.

I've been a market hound in all MMO's I play and I become godly very quickly, get bored then give up and sell the account off.

Seiskyo 09-04-2013 06:29 AM

Light is right (lolol). Get better stats, if you want to solo or party with others. If you haven't done that yet you should get daily gift boxes and use the catalysts to improve your equipment. Cold shine +15 is everywhere now. Also buy fashion items and put stat scrolls on them.

You should know the current state of this game. You won't see many new faces anymore. Best thing you can do is join a guild with veterans who are willing to help you.

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