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briyip 02-26-2012 08:57 AM

What'd I miss?
Hi all,

After spending hours finding my old account info, I finally came back from about a half year-full year break from Lunia and after reading a couple of posts, I've noticed that people are saying that Lunia has become 'dead'.

I logged on and noticed quite a few additions to when I left. I'm just wondering if someone can sum up what has happened in the past few months-year, because I'm completely lost. The last thing I remember that came out right before I quit, was the level 70 cash items.

Ohh, speaking of cash items and such, I'm wondering if any of my old cash items are worth anything now; I still have a lot of level 0, 45, and 70 cash items (not really planning to sell, but I just wanna know if they've inflated :D)... stuff like White Dance Hall, Bikinis, Guardian Angel, Angel Soldier, Blue Kimono, etc.

Andd, if anyone still plays, I'm looking for some company, because the guild that I made back then is completely dead (even though it got to level 9 :D).

Thanks in advance!

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