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PKShota 10-01-2010 06:04 PM

Asking for Help in Lunia Movie for English Project
/copies paste

Saturday recordings will be on 4 PM PST, 6 PM EST, 7 PM EST and if needed, 6 PM PST (do the math for CST/EST)

Though I planned to do this myself (somehow) I want to see if there will be any people willing to help make my project movie.

Basically, the project is to create a multimedia presentation using books/movies and listing their Archetypal Characteristics. I will be creating a story and script of a hero's quest in Lunia.

For those that would like to join in this movie (completely optional) please tell me your IGN and Character and the role you would like to do (Protagonist, Side-Protagonist, Background, etc.)

I'm still planning out who's the protagonist (as in the character, ex. Sieg, Eir, etc), and everything else, also I will be limiting number of the same classes since it would look weird when I present (although Cash Shop outfits will make the difference).

I will play the main role, since I have the recorder...still planning which character I'll use.

Oh and feel free to put in ideas, any help would be great.

This Project is due Tuesday, I require anyone and everyone's help.

Recording will begin on 5 PM PST on Friday, and I should be on mostly all day on the Weekends (though I will have breaks to relieve my eyes.) Any spare, quick or renew recordings will be on Monday 4 PM PST. Please, I ask that you try to be on as much as possible on the weekends, even though it's your nice break. If all goes well then recording should be done on Saturday.


- HealPrincess (PrincessLenne) - Main Protagonist
- YamiNoMuramasa (darka2n) - Side-Protagonist and Mob
- CraftReagentAlt (PrincessLenne alt. computer) - Side Character and Mob
- Hiita or Bored4Lyfe (johanyubel/Bored4Lyfe) - Side-Protagonist and Mob
- RadiantMoonlight - Sieg (MysticArte) - Mob and Spare Sieg Role

- Snowi (BobaMilky) - Enemy #1 and Mob
- CrimsonRhapsody (CrimsonLust) - Enemy #2 and Mob

- some new Dark Eir (PrincessLenne alt. computer) - Shadow of the Protagonist

- Lunia (7-9) - Goddess that grants magic to Eir
- NoCookiesForMe (CrimsonLust) - Guide in the Forest
- Rotem in 1-10H - Guardian of the Forest

- Polyneices (SageDonald) - Mob and Random Cat
- xSetsunaS (Gladiat) - Mob
- CFalconMahBoi (CFalconMahBoi) - Mob


- xSetsunaS - Dainn (Gladiat) - more roles



Gladiat 10-01-2010 08:23 PM

Hey, I can't show up for the recording sorry :/

Tried to contact you through MSN but ya... you didn't reply.

Sorry once again =/

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