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04-26-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default [Notice] Welcome to all players of Lunia - News!

Originally Posted by Lunia GM
We are happy that you have chosen to spend some time with other great people playing Lunia in North America and around the world!

We are always making major updates to Lunia, the game's website and our gaming portal

On April 10th just 60 days after the launch of Lunia we have expanded Lunia by over 10% with the new Skull Island expansion. We have also added Fishing in all the town squares which is a great way to pass some time and earn some cool stuff.

We have also had our first Player versus Player Tournement with great prizes up for grab.

We have also added dozens of new items to the Cash Item Shop that allows you to customize the look of your character (while still wearing all the powerful armor and weapons you have), and other items that will make your characters stronger. The most important items in the Cash Item Shop include Fortification Stones, Catalysts, and various Shining Jewels that allow you to improve all of your weapons and armor in the Blacksmith Shop which takes your items from +1 all the way to the super hard to obtain +9. Items in the Blacksmith Shop can be damaged or even broken so make sure you increase the number of Catalysts as you move from +1 to +9, also Shining Jewels need even more Catalysts to reduce the chance of a damaged or broken item. Last the Cash Item Shop offers Restoration Stones that will allow the Blacksmith to fix your items if they are damaged or broken.

Buy Polks which are the official currency of 12FootTall and Lunia at

You can now buy Polks with a new mail in payment form which you can print off from the Buy Polks page.

Some updates to Lunia just around the corner:

- A new system update that will continue to help players who have lag when they play.

- A Cash Item Shop update will offer dozens of more items to enhance your game play and customize your favorite Lunia characters.

- A brand new Lunia game website with lots of help and full feature forums.

- More events that allow you to win Polks, Overdales and other cool prizes.

- More payment methods for the Cash Item Shop including direct credit card charges without PayPal and soon gift cards in major retailers.
- The release of Lime is very near.

- Enhance game pad controls which will easily allow you to plug in your Xbox controller or Logitech Game Pads into your Lunia machine. Lunia is awesome with a game pad!

As the year goes on we also have plans for:

- Many new playable characters

- More Side stages both free to play and purchase ones

- More PvP tournaments

- Fun Holiday events

- Thousands of new cash shop items

Thanks again to everyone playing, we are working hard to make this the best MMO ever!

Help us keep it on track, post feedback and comments on the forums (ours and

Also, keep your system video drivers and Windows patches up to date for the best Lunia play.

The 12FootTall Team
ign = Afraid, TeaBag
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04-26-2008   #2 (permalink)
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I don't think your supposed to make an identical thread just because someone messed up on the name a little bit o.O
04-26-2008   #3 (permalink)
I like scenery *.*
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CursedScar is just really niceCursedScar is just really niceCursedScar is just really niceCursedScar is just really nice
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Lol I wanna play Lime xD. I've had him before in Jlunia and he's hard but I love the challenge. Plus lets hope I have freinds to help me along the way
04-26-2008   #4 (permalink)
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cant wait for lime..
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04-26-2008   #5 (permalink)
Nanami!!! D:
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Looks Like Lime Will Be Before Dacy.
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04-26-2008   #6 (permalink)
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Hmm, so I guess they still will make some side stages cash item-only? Let's hope that it's not on those new raids.

Well I won't play Lime but I'll unlock him anyways. Maybe more new people will join Lunia?

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