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Mega 04-13-2013 01:31 AM

[Announcement] About unpleasant visitors
Hello, fans of Lunia.

Recently there were many server crash reports.

Daily basis, I have spotted 20 to 30 server crashes. Main cause of these crashes were from unpleasant use of third party software that can generate massive amount of client packets to game servers.

After the success of Kritika, ALLM's second game recently launched at South Korea, Lunia global service servers seems to be become a target of attacks.

To be honest with all Lunian out there, it is very hard to control these types of attacks.

Locating those unpleasant visitors are not easy and filtering all packets from user client will cause massive traffics on our network system as well.

Many reasons that I write this message is to send a message.

"If it is you sending massive amount of packets, please stop it. Lunia Global Free Service Servers are for all gamers. I believe so that you are one of us as well.

We are working hard to keep our gaming environment. Please think of the future of online game. As you tried hard to destroy our game environment for no reason, our game environment can be gone forever. Then you and all of us will lose everything we have enjoyed."

This message might be silly and might not do anything to those unpleasant visitors.

However, I want to tell them what consequence we might face due to his or her irresponsible actions.


Light 04-13-2013 07:32 AM

They don't seem to realize that's the goal of these sorts of attacks, good job on their part for reinforcing the "visitors" by letting them know they're succeeding in taking it down.

Allm are idiots.

tommy00X 04-13-2013 11:17 AM

Well the server is down and people are complaining on Lunia's facebook page. I really don't think Allm is concerned about Lunia right now.

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