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Mega 02-14-2013 08:09 AM

[Shop Update] Happy Valentines Day
/ late


Hello, fans of Lunia

Next week, we will have Happy Valentines Day!

Hope that you guys will have warm day with your love ones.

To celebrate, I have prepared some sweets that you can send a gift to your love ones.

Following cash shop items will be sold until the end of Feb. 2013.

Check for yourself ~

[Updated Item List]

1. Happy Valentines Day Items

- Sweet Chocolate Milk Set
- Chocolate Cake Set
- Chocolate Set

* Key words for search this item is "Chocolate" at cash shop under Functional / Potions category
* These items are giftable.
* Sales will be late until end of Feb. 2013

2. Change character's name

This item has been removed from cash item shop today. After having discussion with hacking issue, most of users believed that this item can be abused in the act of hacking.

Happy Valentines Day for all Lunia ~

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