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Mega 10-29-2012 11:10 PM

[Guide] How to select a right regional server for yourself

Hello, fans of Lunia

With last client and server patch, regional square, stage, and PVP channel is now supported for players from different regions of the world.
This is simple guide to follow for choosing best suited region for you.

Remember just 2 things!

- Search for best region for you
- Select right regional square from square list

Here is the guide

1. What is regional server?

To provide network lag free gaming environment, we have located total 6 server groups around the world. These regional server group supports regional square, stage, and PVP channel where requires fast network connection for game play.
Once you connect to right regional server group, it will support you fast and reliable gaming environment.
It allows players around the world playing Lunia without network lag .

2. How to search best regional server group for my PC

You can check for yourself to find the best regional server group. Checking ping time from you PC to game server group can be one of ways to find the best location.
Ping Time can be understood as the time takes a data traveling from you PC to game server.
To check actual ping time from your location, visit a webpage at (

Once you visit the page, click [HTTP Ping] button shown as (1) then you should get timing result shown as (2).
Lower the number means faster ping time. Faster ping time means better environment for the game with faster response and lower network lag.
Region name usually contains country title. Result from the chart above shows that US-West seems to be best region for myself. Remember the name of region.

3. How to connect to right regional square server.

Login the game and then you would get to square list show below.
You should figure that out. Title of each square are displayed with actual region name

Each region has 2 episode square and 2 myth square. ‘Status’ shows how clouded with current connected players.

Select the regional square you have searched for fastest connection above.

Once you connect to the square, you should be connected to same region of stage automatically.

4. How to select regional PVP channel

In order to connect to PVP server, you need to select PVP square first.
Select “[PVP] Victory Lounge” from square list shown below.

Once you connect to PVP square, move towards top of the map. You should be able to meet the door to PVP channel.

As your character enter the door, PVP channel window will pop up. As you can see below, each channel name is displayed with regional title.

5. Must to know when you use regional server groups!

(1) Once you invite players for party play, you must be careful. If you invite a player from different region of server group, it might cause lag with game plays. We recommend you to play a party with members from same regional server group.
(2) Regional server group only supports square, stage, and PVP channels. All game data is saved at data server located at United Stages. It means there might be a system lag when game play data is saved. Specially, region like Brazil might take more time to save game play data. If you experience a system lag, please be hold and take some time until all data is saved properly.
(3) Select wrong regional server group, it might cause massive system and network lag.

If you have a difficulties to use regional servers, please contact to customer service page at When you do make a report, please describe when, what, how with details with your character name. Note that you should include your location and regional server group name.

Hope you would enjoy the game.


If you can even read it~ :py16:

Pshfrk 10-31-2012 06:05 AM

Thanks o: !

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