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Mega 10-24-2012 01:03 AM

[Maintenance Announcement] 2nd update for Global Free Server
Hello, fans of Lunia

This week, we will have 2nd update for Global Free Server. Please check maintenance schedule and tasks that will be performed.

Main task will be provoiding regional game servers (Square, Stage, and PVP channel) on following 6 different location.

- US - East
- US - West
- Europe (Ireland)
- Japan
- Singapore
- Brazil

During the maintenance hours, all game service will not be available.

After the maintenance, you can login the game as you used to do and select regional square from square list. Once you join the square, your character is locating at regional stage server.

For PVP, join the PVP square by selecting PVP at square list. Once you open up PVP channel, there will be 6 different channels for PVP.

[Maintenance Schedule]

- 2012.10.25 00:00 ~ 2012.10.25 12:00 for 12 hours (PST)
- This maintenance requires enormous amount of system changes. There is possibility of extedning maintenance hours. If it happens, I will notify with another notice.


- Providing 6 regional server group
- Regional Sqaure / Stage / PVP channel


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