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Mega 06-22-2012 03:38 PM

[Shop Update] Support your second characters now
Hello, fans of Lunia.

With last shop update, player can purchase all character license with 1 L coin.

With today's shop update, player should be able to support your 2nd character with cool cash items.

These special items are onsale for only 2 weeks from today.

Please check below. All newly updated items can be found under "Event" category. (can be found under "Hot" and "New" item categories as well)

Enjoy summer 2012!

[Updated Items]

(1) Swift Movement Potion (24 hours)

This potion Increases your Movement Speed by 60% for 10 minutes (Unlimited use for 24 hours).
It is critical to have fast movement speed while you are leveling up your character.

Previously, it is sold within package items with big price tag.

Now you can purchase max. 10 of them per an account with only 20 L coins.

(2) Box with Magical Dye of Skill (Original Skills+2), Box of Magical Dye of Skill (Ultimate Skill Lv. 75+2), and Box with Magical Dye of Skill (Ultimate Skill+2)

We hope that player would have a fun playing with 2nd character! Don't get stress to earn these rare Dye of Skill.
We offer with great price as well.

Original Skills + 2 : 300 --> 60 Lcoin
Lv. 75 Skills + 2 : 210 --> 55 Lcoin
Ultimatel Skills + 2 : 120 --> 50 Lcoin

Each magical dye can be purchased max. 5 per an account.

(3) 15 Unlimited Rebirth Blessed Rebirth Manual

With this rebirth manual book, you can do rebirth without any limits.
- Can be used without any limit of time period.
- Can be used character Lv. 70 or over
- This rebirth book will not initialize character's current Lv. and stage licenses.

PKShota 06-22-2012 04:33 PM

Them ulti dyes and unlimited books.

Griever 06-23-2012 09:39 AM

In other news, Kritika is a decent MMO and the combat system is fluid. ALLM hasn't ruined it yet.

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