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Mega 05-09-2012 05:41 PM

[Maintenance Announcement] Client Patch and Game Server migration
Hello, fans of Lunia.

We will have a major sized maintenance schedule on May 9th, 2012.

With this maintenance, we will update client version 3.1 which contains exiting game contents updates as well as cash shop update. We also decided to migrate our game servers onto another location where can support faster and reliable gaming environment.

Due to massive updates with game software and hardware, we would expect this maintenance will take at least 6 hours.
If things are not going well, we might expect more hours.

Please check for maitenance schedule below.

[Maintenance Schedule]
- 2012.05.09 23:00 PST ~ 2012.05.10 05:00 PST (for 6 hours)

- Client and Server patch for Version 3.1 (patch note for updated game contents will be announced soon)- Game Server Migration. - Cash shop update for client version 3.1


theSinned 05-09-2012 06:27 PM

Are you still playing Lunia or are you just posting updates cause you're bored?

Mega 05-09-2012 07:14 PM

Still kinda go on occasionally lol.

Mega 05-10-2012 03:08 PM


Warriors!, Challenge your limit!

(1) New stage, “Gateway to Devildom”, is added

[How to get stage license]
-Clear Myth stage, “Light of Forest” to earn entrance license of “Cateway to Devildom”. You can select stage difficulty level (Easy/Normal/Hard) and play the stage.
-Near the stage entrance, you should be able to meet NPC who supports you 3 stage entrance keys for a day.

[Stage Composition]
You need to guard “Knight of Light” as you do battle through against various monsters.
“Gateway to Devildom” stage can be played with party member 1 to 5. Only 10 resurrection stones can be used for clearing up the stage.

-Myth and Devildom Lv. Accessory Box
-Quest items which you can exchange them with Ancient Skill Magic Scroll for Lv. 75 skills.

(2) New Stage, “Arena of Devildom”, is added.

How far have you cleared?!

[How to get stage license]
-As you enter “Devildom Workhouse” stage, you should have a stage entrance license to “Arena of Devildom” stage. Your character should have character level 80 or higher and rebirthed at least once.
-Near the stage entrance, you should be able to meet NPC named, “KoKo”. Earn a quest to get stage entrance key.


Mega 05-10-2012 03:10 PM


[Stage Composition]
-As you clear up all monsters for each floor, you will continue to challenge yourself through next floor.
-Any potion items for normal stages are not allowed at this stage. Only MP potion which you can purchase through stage NPC can be used just like “Tower of Ordeal”.

-Once you clear all floors by yourself, you will earn a title item that has highest given stats. At certain phase of stage, you can earn different set of title as well.
-Your play records will be saved and listed at new ranking list for “Arena of Devildom”. Open the ranking page with short cut key, [F7].

(3) New Achievements and Rewards!

3-1. Achievement, “Wing of Fluttering Cherry-Blossom”, and many other achievements are added.

3-2. Achievement Shop is added. As you complete various Achievement Tasks, you will earn “Achievement Token”. Meet a new NPC, “Planner of Achievement List AAA』” near the fountain at square. Check out various and cool items you can buy with in-game gold with “Achievement Token”. (At Myth square, you should be earn daily quests from him as well.)

(4) Changes based on Lunian’s Suggestion!

4-1. Changes with stages

-Stage balance of [Devildom Workhouse 5th floor] and [Tower of Suffering] has revised. It get easier. [Devildom Workhouse 5th floor] would have only 5 passageways instead of 6 during 2rd phase of the stage.
-Tutorial stage has revised. Images of monsters and background have been enhanced.
-“Medusa” and “Soldin” monsters’ attack damage has been reduced.
-Stage balance of [Prison of Spider God] has been revised. Character’s stat limitation restriction has been loosen. Stage clearance rewards can be earned easily now.

4-2. Changes based on Lunian’s suggestion

-Asuka character license becomes free. Basic outfits of Sieg, Eir, Dainn, Dacy, and Krieg have changed with new looks

-New quest that can exchange “Big Gold Star” to “Golden Coin” has added.
-Location of guild member and private message can be reviewed at guild info window.
-Guild member can be invited regardless location.
-Repeatable episode quests for Myth can be conducted without meeting with quest NPC now.
-Background image of loading page has been updated with new image.

(5) Character Balance in PVP

5-1 PVP skills of Dacy, Yuki, Arien, Ryan, Kali, and Lime have been updated.








5-2 Changes with PVP Tranformation Skills

- Some of characters wouldn't be frozen based on given skill Lv.

< Skills that can be frozen >
- Kali : Sanguine Samsara
- Lime : Bumba Lime, Cool Wabang Lime, Pang Pang Lime, Biki Lime, Shuk Shuk Lime
- Krieg : Vehement Transformation, True Vehement Transformation
- Arta : Artitan Mk. 28

< Skills that can not be frozen >
- Dacy : Ultm. Jeronica
- Kali : Ultm. Dark Star

(6) New Cash Avatar Items

From left to right,
- Steam Tank Set
- Android Set
- Follower of Light Set
Lots of new stuff so soon after Korea got it o_o. I want that new Follower of Light CS set :( Too bad the stat transfer stuff is so freaking expensive!

(Too many pictures for 1 post! lol)

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