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Griever 11-24-2011 07:33 AM

Lunia 2.9 Changes
[Patch Maintenance] Client 2.9 Patch will be placed on Nov 24th, 2011
by Lunia on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 6:05am

Hello, fans of Lunia.

Maintenance for client 2.9 will be placed on Nov. 24th, 2011.

Please check maintenance schedule. Player must disconnect from game server before maintenance starts.

[Maintenance Schedule]
- 2011.11.24 00 hour ~ 03 hours (Pacific Standard Time) for 3 hours.


-New Stage: PVP Training Arena (History Ep1)
-Magic Scrolls NPC - Nimo (non-Myth SQ)
-Magic Scrolls (extra stats granted to equips.)
-Character Balance
-Square changed
-More bank slots to open
-New skill slot (CTRL+X)
-Pretty much EVERY type of CS in CS shop is now available (without stats) and has its own box.

[Blue Note - client Version 2.9] Patch Note
by Lunia on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 4:40am
1. Seperate Visual Looks and Given Stats

This change would be the biggest issue with client 2.9.
Usually previous Cash Fashionable items were having given stats. For this reason, players need to equip with latest Fashional items eventhough players don't like the look.

With client version 2.9, Design and Given Stats are seperated apart.

- Players can choose any Cash Fashional Items.
- With "Magic Scroll" (Cash or World-Drop), Stat points can be embeded with any Fashional Item.

For this change, new cash set items are added at Cash Shop. Following item set box contains single theme outfit. It means you can choose theme outfit as you wish to have. Previously Random Box contains max. 12 set items in it.

2. What is a "Magic Scroll"?

Magic Scrolls are the items with given stats such as Vit+210, Dex+210, and Int+210. There are several grades of Magic Scrolls and different set of Magic Scrolls for different parts of Fashionable CS items.

(1) How do I get "Magic Scrolls"?

- You can purchase directly from Cash Shop. Lowest grade Magic Scrolls are available at Cash Shop.
- You can earn as you hunt down monsters. You will earn Magic Scroll Box and when you open the box, you will be able to earn different graded Magic Scrolls in randomly fashion. In order to open the box, you need to have a key, "Lunia Kingdom's Strange Magic Key"

(2) What kinds of "Magic Scrolls" are added?

- There will be Magic Scrolls for episode stages and Myth/Devildom stages seperate. "Normal" is for episode stages, EP1 ~ EP7. "Myth/Devildom" is for myth and devildom stages. Usually "Normal" scrolls will have lower stats.
- Prefix with "Knight's" is a scroll for CS parts, Hand / Foot / Support / Face / Back / Lower / Etc.1 / Etc.2
- Prefix with "Wizard's" is a scroll for CS parts, Weapon / Head / Chest / Leg / Modifier Title / Regular Title

(3) How do I upgrade low graded Magic Scrolls to high graded Magic Scrolls?

- You can upgrade low graded Magic Scrolls to higher graded scrolls by combining 2 low grade magic scrolls.
- Meet quest NPC "Nimo" at square. With given quest, you will be able to upgrade Magic Scroll. However you need to be careful. Result of the quest can be coasty. As you try to upgrade higher graded magic scrolls, your chance of getting higher graded scrolls will be lower.
- 2x Magic Scrolls I --> Complete "Magic Spell" quest --> Result can be a Magic Scroll I or Magic Scroll II (with fixed success rate)

(4) How to use Magic Scroll onto Fashionable Cash Item?

- Do right mouse click onto Magic Scroll.
- Select Fashionable Cash Item you want and do right mouse click onto.
- Given stats of Magic Scroll will be applied onto selected CS item.

2. Earn game golds you deserved!

With client 2.9, you should be able to earn more game golds by completing quests and selling in-game item at in-game shop.

- More game golds from given quests : Myth Daily Quests, Myth Raid Stage Quests
- More game golds from selling in-game items - Myth Lv. Items and
- Chance of getting "Incarnation" and "Spirit" item from box has been increased dramatically as well.

(Why anyone would sell Soldin stuff to shop instead of another player who could use it and make more money in the process, I don't know, but now you can and expect more than 10g for it.)

3. Supports for early challenger of Myth Stages.

With given repeatable quest, you can exchange "soul" items with "Challenger Outfit - Weapon". Give weapon has expiration date. Once you wear it, you can use for 3 days.

With this support, you can experience higher level of stage until your character becomes strong enough.

Given items are for all types of character, DEX / INT / VIT.

4. User's Proposal have been implemented

(1) More Skill Short Buttons

(2) More Bank Slot for storage

(3) New background for Normal Squre

(4) Fishing Area at Myth Square

5. Changes in Shop Category

(1) Cash Shop - Web

- "[New] Theme Outfit" category has been added with new cash items.
- "Dye (Stat+)" category has been relocated for easy access.
- "[New] Magic Scroll" category has been added with new cash items.

(2) Cash Shop - In-game

- "Closet" category has gone through remodeling for easy access.
- "Random Box" category has been relocated under "Closet" category
- Items for CS modification have been re-categorized and placed under "Closet" category for easy access.

Seiskyo 11-24-2011 11:23 AM

Hell yeah they took my PvP practice suggestion from ages ago :kamina:

Edit: Wtf, that's just another practice field with scarecrows..

Griever 11-26-2011 04:21 PM

Just a note on #3, you can now trade in 10 Souls of X for a 3 day Cold Shining +15 weapon equivalent to the stage in which the Souls are from (10 Souls of Light gets you a Cold shining +15 Weapon of Soldin.) Great deal if you've got some Souls lying around doing nothing and even if you don't, it's a good idea to get the weapon. You get the quest from the character NPCs in Myth square.

Griever 11-30-2011 12:09 AM

Not sure if this came with the Achievement update or the 2.9 update, but there's a new fishing rod with 90% catch rate as opposed to 80% from the Master fishing rod.

But to get it, you need to catch fish 77,777 times. 77,777.

Mega 11-30-2011 11:38 AM

Wow they snuck this update in while I was gone ic.

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