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Mega 10-26-2011 08:10 PM

[Biggest Event] Welcome All

Biggest Welcome Event Ever!
- 4 events suit for all players. It is the time to bring your friends to Lunia!
- 2 very special cash shop items

Please check event details.

[Event Period]
- 2011.10.27 ~ 2011.11.04

[In-game Event1]
Create new character during event period and earn following cool items for free. As you create new character, following given items will be placed onto character's very first inventory bag.

- Un-limited Holy Manual of Rebirth (up to 3rd rebirth) X1
- Guideline for Fast Growth 200% (60 days) X1

[In-game Event2]
Character that created during event period reaches character Lv. 70 during event period for very first time will be able to earn following cool items for free. Once your character achieves character Lv. 70, following items will be sent to your character's in-game mail box.

- 5th Ultimate Box X2
- Daily Gift Box V (60 days) X1

[In-game Event3]
Any character reaches character accumulative Lv. 210 during event period will be able to earn following cool items for free. Once you character's accumulative Lv. reaches 210, following items will be sent to your character's in-game mail box.

- Daily Gift Box VI (60 days) X2

[In-game Event4]
Special event for returned players. Once players who haven't joined the game for last 90 days connect to game server, following cool items will be given out as a packaged gift titled "[Event] Welcome Package". Delivered item pack should be listed at "Inbox for Purchased Items --> Purchased Item"

Welcome Package contains following items.

- 70 Lv. Blessed Rebirth Manual (15 rebirth or less) X1
- Card for adding character slots X1
- Guideline for Fast Growth 200% (60 days) X1
- 5th Ultimate Box X3
- Daily Gift Box VI (60 days) X1

[Special Sale 1]
Valkyrie Pet (all for class type) will have very special discount sale. 50% off from its price tag during event period.
Check "Event" category now!

[Special Sale 2]
Skill points +1 item is updated at cash shop. Check "Event" category now!

Don't miss this chance and bring your friends now!


P.S. This event will be available right after today's maintenance.

Mega 10-26-2011 08:11 PM

/looks to see how many L coins I have *cough*

Light 10-26-2011 09:08 PM

I don't know what the Ultimate box is, but had any of the stuff been tradable, I'd have logged in and gave it to old friends who still play.

However I had logged in within 90 days to check the status of the game shortly after my return to ggFTW, just to understand the situation and see for myself that those in the thread claiming its death were full of shit.

CrunchyRoll 10-26-2011 11:43 PM

the ulti box has myth level cs

Griever 10-29-2011 09:46 AM

Has it been 90 days since I last logged into Lunia?

Lawl what a stupid event. Encouraging people who haven't logged in a while to stay logged out so they can get a 90 day prize.

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