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Ashie 05-28-2009 11:14 PM

Luna Online Added to Mymmo?
So I've been playing Luna for almost a week now and I'ma Elder in my guild Helping my guild leader out with rules and what not and the Idea crossed me...
Since we cover games..Why not add Luna to the list?

I know its not highly popular but Guides and what not would be helpful and would bring a flow here. It will also allow guilds to update there members on events and what not..Or Wars the guild is currently in.

If added I will do my best to help out and do a guide and what not.

But Do you think it should be added?

Moonflow 05-29-2009 04:23 AM

Could be a nice idea if Luna continues to generate interest.
It's a very cute and fun game , i could see how it will appeal to a lot of moggers who play games like Trickster and Lunia.

There are however a few aspects of the game itself that are i feel holding it back from making a big impact on players.

A lot of lag and dc's , gold selling spammers and bots now appearing.
Rumours of dupe bugs and hackers etc

But hey its the first few weeks of open beta so a few issues are to be expected.
If they keep ontop of it and work out the kinks im sure it wil be a successful game.

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