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Default Is there "threat" in this game?

Upon reading a somewhat detailed Fighter guide on the official forums, I understand that there are tanking classes (classes designed to take the hits while everyone else either heals them or damages the enemies) in this game, some having Taunt skills.

But is there "threat" in this game? As in, if a tank Taunts an enemy, will s/he be targeted until s/he or the enemy dies? Or can a Mage get the enemy to start attacking him/her by doing enough damage if the tank doesn't do enough damage to keep the enemy interested in him/her?

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Although the fighter has provoke, it can be changed if the mage is too close and is continuously doing damage. But if the monster isnt moving (like you taunt and it moves towards you) and the tank is attacking it.. it shouldnt deter really. But mages are dmg dealers and they have an array of spells to constantly be shooting something. But if your team is good you shouldnt really have to worry.
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