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Sean 04-24-2010 03:11 PM

WCG Videos
So has anyone seen the videos, of what I believe are the WCG tryouts, posted by ktf4567 on Youtube? He has several other videos of high-level matches as well on his channel, such as a match between the respective top Order and Legion guilds on the KLS server.

Anyways, here's the first round of five rounds, if anyone hasn't seen it yet.

Lostsaga - Master's Fight round 1

Or just go to his channel for all the other amazing videos.

YouTube - ktf4567's Channel

So, what are your thoughts? The first thing I noticed was an abundance of Tao Warriors used in the match. To be quite honest, I never really thought much of the class, let alone consider it tournament viable. After all, it's so easy to just block the Tao's basic combo, since it's so slow and predictable. It's a great support melee though, with its long range, and 360 degree coverage.

Although, I'm disappointed at the lack of grim reapers, lightning mages, and vikings, since I'm rather fond of those heroes.

Regarding the reaper, having tried it now with the intention of replacing my ice mage main (which never went through), I can understand why. They have a rather lackluster ground-play with slow attacks, average range, and an inherent strength barely higher than the ice mage's. As can be seen from the video, skills aren't used very indiscriminately, but rather exploited at opportune moments to start combos or set-up for edges. Considering how mediocre the reaper skills are compared to others (meteor, drain, school uniform etc.), the class just doesn't have much to offer in the end.

The same flaws apply for the lightning mage as well, since it's more of a high-risk high-reward type hero, and suffers greatly from a slow melee set. Once you actually manage to stun the opponent in some manner, you can combo all your skills instantaneously, but it's hard to really do that in a team match where slow skills and attacks are easily interrupted. The dash attack has the lowest priority (albeit the highest range) of all the mages, and the body skill is way too slow for a simple stun hit. The main weapon skill pales in comparison to a simple meteor, as far as utility in a team match is concerned. They're both ground-based skills, however the meteor not only launches the target for a potential edge, but it's also much faster to execute as well.

As for vikings, I'm not so sure there. Obviously, it suffers from a certain lack of speed and range as well, but it's a rather versatile class in general, along with the assassin (which doesn't make an appearance either). Insights or opinions anyone? : x

Other than that, there are standard beserkers, fire mages, and medics you would expect from a high tier match. I think everyone here already know why these classes are so good. : >

I would definitely recommend watching the other guild match video as well, but I can always start another topic on it later if needed.

Edit: Walls of text scare you people off, don't they? D:<

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