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CujoEX 03-29-2010 04:02 PM

Opinion on Crusade Mode (Dungeon Mode)
Personally, it's harder than I thought (for Medium and Hard Mode). I wonder if they will release an even harder mode, like "Expert Mode" for the even higher levelers. That would be interesting.

TehAwesomo 03-31-2010 02:40 PM

Lol, imagine floor 60 with 10 reapers on "Expert Mode" D:.

KrEmEyDeMi 03-31-2010 09:43 PM

Truly is a bit harder than expected. From experience I'd say Medium is really easy just until the last stage. The thing that makes Medium a bit difficult is the fact that 4 random mini bosses assist the reaper, along with the fact that the mini bosses constantly respawn after death.

Sure you can kill them off and use the time reaper is alone to your own advantage, but it's still an annoyance when they come back.

Now really, Hard difficulty now :py61:... I've helped a party beat it before, and I must say.. I'm not sure they'll make another difficulty since Hard already seems a bit overboard. As most people say, even with a high level party, it seems to be a difficulty that cannot be accomplished without spending gold coins, and large sum at that :py40:.

Shazbot 04-01-2010 06:11 AM

-IGN is Shazbot, for OPG's sake. ;)

They'll tame your soul to the dark side... [Dark Shaman]

Lost Saga has definitely provided one of the most difficult monster environments throughout recent MMOs. Both Medium and Hard Mode serve a great challenge to those who participate in it, but, of course, the rewards are pretty heavy.

What is Crusade Mode?
In Lost Saga, we're tuned to playing other people. Crusade Mode offers a chance where we can fight AI (Artificial Intelligence). Every 5 levels, there will be a "Mini-Boss", who's class is randomly selected. The Final Level, in increments of 20, (e.g., 20, 40, 60), there will be a Reaper Boss.

Easy Mode - Floors 1 ~ 20
Medium Mode - Floors 21 ~ 40
Hard Mode - Floors 41 ~ 60

You receive all your HP back every level after the mini-bosses. Isn't that great? ;)

Axe-Kicks will knock you back to hell...[Taekwon Master]

Is it unique?
What's great about Crusade mode is that every monster also has a listed class. Including the mini-bosses, each monster may drop a piece of equipment when you defeat them! However, fortunately for us, the monsters in Easy Mode and Medium Mode are only capable of using their weapon skill. /phew~

Another thing to take note of is the AI! What makes a game fun is whether it's challenging or not! Lost Saga has clearly raised the standards with it's creative AI settings. Crusade Mode isn't like other games where simply hammering that C or D button is enough. Mini-Bosses and monsters in Hard Mode have the same array of skills we do, and their Cool Down is practically non-existent.

With Medium and Hard Difficulty Settings, it also promotes the use of Team Work! It's nigh impossible to complete the dungeons if one doesn't have a team to work with. That's another key thing to note about Lost Saga, it promotes cooperation among its community.

Lost a Duel and now they are back...[Cowboy]

What about the sound, the music!?
The Music offered in Crusade Mode isn't the best thing. It doesn't fit the whole theme of a skeleton tower. However, it does get you going! The background music is really fun and help keeps you active. Though I'm sure it would've been a much better stage transition if each Mini-Boss or the Reaper had their own background music. It would help us create a boss-like atmosphere.

They will beam you out of this world...[Space Trooper]

How does it maintain the integrity of Lost Saga?
What happens when a mode like this, with high rewards, is implemented in a generally Player-vs.-Player game, many people practically flood the server with Crusade games. Why is this? Because it's a lot easier to gain money if Crusade Mode, it may not require as much effort than an actual game of Prisoner or Team Deathmatch. As a result, there would be less people playing regular PvP.

How does Lost Saga control this? Simple! The Token fee. When playing Crusade Mode, you will require tokens.

Easy Mode - 0 Tokens
Medium Mode - 1 Token
Hard Mode - 2 Tokens

Each person can only carry a maximum of 6 Bronze Tokens, that recharge every two real-time hours. This may seem like a bad thing to many, because that means we can't crusade past Easy Mode as often. Ironically, this is also a good thing, because of the token restrictions, we can't abuse the really high rewards for completing Medium and Hard Mode. What can we say? Good Job to whoever invented the token idea!

They will shoot you a blizzard of death...[Ice Mage]

To all the 'Laggers' out there...
You lag! Get out! But no really. As stated above, the Token requirement is great! However, it's not an original idea. Many games have such a 'pass' requirement too. Yet, all games have the problem of lag to settle with. What could I ever mean, right?

Think, after practically starting the game, you disconnect. There are many possible reasons behind it. Your router... your router. Well, regardless, in many games, if we do disconnect, we lose our pass item, and in Lost Saga that means we would lose our tokens too! /le gasp

What's great about the coin system is that, if you disconnect before 30 seconds of starting the crusade mode, you receive full reimbursement of your tokens! Isn't that great? No more "Darn! I just wasted a _____".

They've been Hanging in the Shadows of Hell and now they've Returned...[Kage Ninja]

Now... for the other half.
Of course, we nearly reach the end. But nothing's perfect, I tell you. To be honest, the hard difficulty is clearly beyond hard. Now, I won't go around making suggestions (lower their skill cool down, gosh /snapsnapsnap), but it's clear that Hard Mode is almost impossible to finish without the use of at least 10 Gold Tokens.

What are Gold Tokens? They can be used just like Bronze Tokens but they're also counted as "Lives" in-game. You can use one to rebirth and get all your Equips, Health, and Skills recovered. You also receive a temporary invincibility setting on yourself. Great! 17 Astros for 10, harharhar. It's not a bad deal, but what's even better is that we can fish them up too.

Another issue I've seen tossed around is the cool down of the monsters. Of course, a mini-boss has their reasons for being able to use skills simultaneously, but the minions in Hard Mode should lengthen their own Cool Downs too.

Beware of the Deadly Poison Breath...[Shadow Assassin]

Ratings are Overrated.
Yes they are! But what would be a review without them? Let's just end it off right away:

MUSIC : 8.5/10
+Easy to tune with
-Doesn't support the whole atmosphere
-Needs some Boss music!

+Powerful and Well-done AI for monsters
+Rewards are exquisite
-Difficulty is too much for Hard Mode

FEATURES : 10/10
+Great Token System
+Rechargeable Tokens
+Good Method of handing Item Loss/Reimbursement

OVERALL : 9/10
+Well-made Gameplay Mode!

Awesome! Now let's go play some Crusade Mode!

CujoEX 05-07-2010 05:46 AM

Finally beat Medium Mode without any team members using coins for once. A team of Viking/Berserker, Tao/Medic (Me), Viking, and Treasure Hunter/Medic pretty much obliterated them. During Boss Matches, Vikings constantly knocked-down the monsters while the Treasure Hunter and I handled the boss with medium range distance. While the boss is down, we would cast Heal for a split second. Sadly, using the distraction with knockdowns cannot work in Hard Mode, because if you take too long, the Mini Reaper will come after you.

As for the Medium Mode main Reaper, it was all mob combos.

The one that I noticed which helped the most, is that the other team members focused on their cooldowns instead of their stats, so they had a higher chance of using a Skill to evade. I have to keep that in mind.

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