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Sean 02-23-2010 03:50 PM

Opinions on the classes?
Alright, let's try and get this forum moving a little. : >

If you go on the OGP LS forums, you'll notice a general concensus among its population that some distinct classes, such as the beserker, boxer, and grim reaper, are OP compared to the rest of the hero roster.

What is your take on this? Do agree that these classes (or others) possess a distinct advantage over others, or do you think that the hero roster, in general, is well-balanced?

The only thing I would like to avoid is assertion of the argument that skill is more important than the class. I understand, and fully agree, with this, however my objective is to consider only the class perks on a stand-alone basis.

Amanda 02-23-2010 04:00 PM

Well, I haven't played LS in a while, but I managed to steal all the grim equips once, and let me tell you.
I've never gotten so many kills so easily before.

KrEmEyDeMi 02-24-2010 02:28 AM

It's kind of hard to determine the classes from my perspective. I was going to bring up the User's Skill VS Hero thing myself but I'll avoid that. As to my concern, it's really more or less how predictable some classes are to others.

By that, I'm pointing to the majority users of each class, not your exceptional super professionals who know what to do in every situation :py44:.

For example, most fire mage you encounter attempt to use the two hit combo to knock down then meteor, or meteor>teleport>flame wave. Majority of Berserkers you see tend to use the war horn at whatever time they have it, then position themselves to use the hat to ram them off the edge.

So really it comes down to how predictable and how easily you can find methods to over come those heroes. Honestly I find the Heroes in Lost Saga the most balanced compared to other games I've played.

Nothing seems so overpowered to the point that it's really noticeable :py22: I only find Medics annoying (for drain reasons) as well as ice mages. Overpowered? Far from it, I find it all balanced out the way it should. :py55:

Unbounded 02-24-2010 02:49 PM

Well, the zerker can't really be called "OP" Per say. Only the horn skill can be called OP because, well, it is... sorta. The regular attack, along with all of the other skills can be dodged pretty easily, and berserk just makes a bigger target.

Now, back to the horn. It's one of those things that if you get hit by it, you're screwed. The stun is so long that you can actually go and ram someone else, run back to the person you stunned, and hit them. But, on the other hand, you can just get out of the way and beat them up when they aren't using the horn.

Boxer, now the BOXER is OP. The guy can shove out more combos faster than some characters can use their counter. (Poor shadow assassin.) All you have to do with this guy is mash the D key, and the knockback and advance from each hit is just... insane, even when blocked.

It wouldn't be so bad if there was a slightly longer delay between combos.

There's My $.02

Oracle 02-25-2010 01:42 AM

From my one month experience with Lost Saga, I find that all the characters are pretty balance in a sense that each of them have their own usefulness. The reason why you people find X class OP is due to the lack of match up experience I would say.

With regards to zerker, he isn't OP at all. The thing you should take note of when facing a zerker is to predict his horn skill and use a skill which is longer than the horn duration or to simply jump away from his horn aoe range. That is provided you didn't get knockdown from his or his allies attacks (If you get knockdown be prepared to eat one full combo.. )

Alright moving on to boxer. I agree that his attack speed is gay and he can edge you easily with just punches. However, why in the first place would you go 1 on 1 with a boxer? If your skills are cooling down just jump away in between blocked attacks. Save your skills and use it on reaction when he uses his champion belt and his nuclear punch or just use your skills to break his punches.

I am a viking user by the way and I don't find a particular class being OP. You just got to learn the different matchup strategies against the different characters. Good luck.

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