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Shazbot 02-18-2013 05:43 PM

OGP's Proposal with Lost Saga
I figured I needed to post this here so people can look at it in case OGP changes it. This was found on Lost Saga's main page under OGP. After the forums closed down, they redirected everyone to this page, but made changes to some of their statements in a very inconspicuous manner.

  • They were planning to "slow down service" for the course of a year. So recall that 4-month gear chest sale period with absolutely no updates. Now imagine that being 12-months instead. That's what was originally intended. Unless they "truly" did just discover it just now, then that means 12 MORE months of even LESS, which any of us can call bs on. So all along it was either 8 more months of gear chest sales, or an additional 12 months of whatever can be considered less than a simple gear chest sale (Maybe a sale on Regular Fish Bait?).
  • Here they say the transfer was NOT successful. It's not written that they're "still trying"; it's written that it's a No. What...? Okay, fine. We're still unsure about who's holding back here, but c'mon. And I know many of you are thinking that it's a communication problem between WeMade and OGP, but how can that realistically be? It's been weeks, maybe even months, and you can claim it's due to a lack of communication? We don't communicate by pigeons, we have the internet. Even a phone call would've sufficed. I find it hard to believe that it's "miscommunication" that is causing/caused this transfer to not happen. More like OGP can't negotiate, if they really think 8~12 additional months of nothing was the best suggestion. We don't need 12 MORE months to realize Lost Saga is closing down when we already reached that conclusion 2 months ago.

Although I can't complain much seeing that literally everything I owned was at the expense of my friends and not me, but this is genuinely stupid.

tl;dr: Pigeons are the common practice for messaging nowadays.

Nekoji 02-19-2013 05:20 AM

Well now~

Seems like OGP really has taken a turn for the worse. I used to love them so much back when RF was the main game and Cabal just shown it's new face.

Oh well, there's always another game to look toward~

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