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Dani 03-07-2011 09:30 PM

A Fool's Journey
Sup guys, I like to write. A lot. You may have seen this already if you lurk the RP forums and have seen all the shit I make there and yeah.

This story is the beginning of.. Well most of my RPs. The main protagonist (Kai) from my RP series (From Reality to Phantasmagoria, Burning Steel and Blood, Paradise Lost, and possible future rps) is just a kid in this story (well early teen but whatever). He has no desire in his family business which is assassination which has been for centuries.. Perhaps even since his family first came to the world of the humans aeons ago. He, Kazuki/Kai, only wishes to become a skilled violinist and go to America. This story will probably take on more mature themes later (nothing way too intense though... But there will be themes of racism, a load of cursing... Things like that later on).

This is the story of Kagamiya Kazuki ( 鏡宮 和希 ) maturing and growing into what he becomes in the distant future.

A Fool's Journey
Chapter One
Chapter Two

This thread is I guess for tips/feedback since nobody I know of actually uses the blogs (derp). I just use them for stories due to the longer character limit. Anyways these are really rough drafts... Besides spelling not much thought was put into grammar so of course there will be mistakes.

Expect lots of double/triple posts with updates to chapters.

Oh yeah, the title is derived from the tarot card, The Fool's meaning. It means a inexperienced person embarking on a journey ( or something along those lines).

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