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Eternal 09-01-2010 01:19 PM

Poetry Thread
So.. I enrolled in creative writing this year at my high school.
Every week, I have to write a poem based on a certain subject or example given.

Mm... Feel free to share your own poems or your favorite poems here.

Poem I wrote 2 weeks ago:

Sonnet 1

When you ask what my love might be,
My mind then teems many an ardor reply.
You ask if my love be an instant spree,
That would desert if some beauty blows by,
Or an earnest regard held high above,
That would not sway simply by chance estrange.
If your eyes, lips, smile, or breasts be my love,
That would retreat with time as time does change.
Yet none be of my love, as ere I thought.
My love but be fire upon fire,
That burns each one instance, but burns out not,
Since for your sake is my one desire.
So as my eyes beholds and holds dear you,
For love, my love flames eternal and true.

Eternal 09-01-2010 01:26 PM

Poem from last week:


As I wake up to this vacant world with lost eyes,

My convictions of yesterday have not yet flew,

And no matter how bright I depict the future of tomorrow

I am drenched forever with the thoughts of you.

There is no thought of me during your day,

Nor a place in your memories when we shall part.

But like a Werther, I pursue my futile ways

Like a willow, I weep for you silently in my heart.

The larks herald this bright day anew

And the sapling perspires its first breath forth

Though the sapling’s mother no one knew

Would I die childless and be beneath a timber’s worth?

I stepped toward you, holding a banquet of roses,

I stepped before you, with my heart to propose
My soul helpless beneath you, yet you decline.

With no shiver of hope of ever being mine.

The bread is soggy and bitter,

The roses smell of blood,

The face of others are like monsters,

My soul quenched with mud.

The cicadas cry for the adjourn of the overflowing sea and crimson sky

The amorous moon clings to the last of the noble sun’s rays

The trigger wavering within my hands, the nozzle before my eye

Blithely, I sleep doting on the dreams of yesterday

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