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Default Elfquest

Hmm. I really wanna introduce you guys to what is most definately my favorite piece of literature, Elfquest. It's an American comic book unlike any other. It wasn't intended for young readers, but I got into it at a very early age. As far as the content goes, there's some violence and sexuality, but both of which are treated with the utmost respect. It's not blatant or tasteless and I'd gladly have my kids read it, too. Maybe not as young as I was when I read them, though. But it's one of those works that can really change your life. Since I read them when I was so little, I can say it didn't change my life, it STARTED my life. Everything I needed to know about the world, I learned from the World of Two Moons.

Now I'll explain the plot. The High Ones arrive to the World of Two Moons in a palace in the right place, but the wrong time and are greeted by the primitive inhabitants with violence. Their powers are too weak on this planet to defend themselves, so the survivors scatter and later become various tribes of elves, each unaware of the other tribes' existance over time. The story then focuses on the Wolfriders, who still battle with humans to this day and are currently under their 11th chief, Cutter, who saves Redlance (the tribe's tree shaper) from the humans, killing one of the humans in the process. The humans later exact revenge by burning down the entire forest the Wolfriders live in and Cutter and his tribe are forced to flee and find a new home. And by accident or design, other tribes of elves.

But you should really start reading the comics to find out what else happens. -sl- Fortunately, Richard and Wendy Pini (the authors/artists) have since published ALL of their works on their website. It was a gradual process, but now it's all there. If you were remotely interested in the rather long summary I gave above, I don't know what you're waiting for now. Go read!

Digital EQ: Online Comics

They're all in order, but if you need a fan to verify, the order is Elfquest: The Original Quest (issues 1-21), then Siege at Blue Mountain (1-8), Kings of the Broken Wheel (1-9), Hidden Years (1-29) (New Blood ran alongside Hidden Years and it's kinda like professionally published fan fiction), Shards (1-16) on. Frankly, I left off somewhere in Shards. I read a bit of the other series after it, but not much. And there's so many more. But yeah. Read at your own pace.

Originally Posted by My testimonial on MSN
It's a comic book series from the 70's, 80's and 90's. It's kinda rare now and has been out of print for a long time. But I read it when I was very little, even though it was heavily influenced by Japanese manga (which was obscure as all Hell at the time) and not really intended for young readers. There's some violence and nudity/sexuality, but it's all treated with a great deal of decency, so it's not really what I'd call gratitous or anything. But the fictional World of Two Moons where Elfquest takes place feels as real as the characters do (most people who've read it find at least one character they identify with completely) and when I was a kid, I wanted to live there. -sl- I'm hoping some other people take interest in it or find people who've already read it and enjoy it. It's almost solely responsible for raising me, really. Since it's been out of print for so long, though, the entire collection of Elfquest series has been scanned and published on the website for everyone to read.

Last edited by Rhinehart; 08-07-2009 at 10:01 PM. Reason: Yay, I managed to do a short summary I was actually content with!
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