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Kusuriuri 02-11-2009 07:57 PM

E.E. Knight and the Age of Fire

Section is a little dead lol. Like to introduce a series Im very fond of :x


The series follows the adventures of three dragon siblings as they are forced to survive in a world where the dragon population is dwindling and conflict between the hominid species is reaching new, darker levels. The three siblings are separated early in life by an attack on their home cave. As such, each of the first three books just focuses on one sibling through their formative years as they grow up, get their wings, make connections and relationships, and learn to deal with the predicament of the dragons in different ways.

The first three books, written each from only one sibling's point of view, are stand-alone novels that are accessible without having read the other two.

Spoilered purely for summary of the individual books.


Source: Wikipedia

And official site.

E.E. Knight's AGE OF FIRE

The 5th book, Dragon Rule, is slotted for a Dec '09 release. If anyone here has read Knight's Vampire Earth novels (Also amazing), dont be afraid to look into these.

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