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Pokku 06-20-2009 03:16 PM

Trans in Myth
Okie, how do you fight Myth bosses with lime? Whenever i transform during the boss, they always 1 hit ko me and I can't get fake ressed D:<. Flawless pots have a 120 sec cooldown so I can't always rely on that. Help pl0x :py64:

Saibak 06-20-2009 03:52 PM

Is there a particular boss you're having problems with? If you stay behind a boss you should be safe (except at Foriel). Anyway, memorize the attack pattern, so you know when to attack and when to retreat! If you don't do that, then you can't fight effectively.
I recommend the use of the level 30 transform, since you can move around pretty fast and it's A-attack does pretty good damage, pierces, hits multiple times and its short attack animation does not leave you open for a long time after unlike other transforms.

Pokku 06-20-2009 04:16 PM

Well I had some trouble with the Myth 1 boss (Nergal I think?) because of his 3k smash D:

Zinc210 06-20-2009 04:34 PM

With Nergal, you just got to be careful while in Pang Pang. Try to attack close only if he's going after another party member, but if he goes after you, just keep your distance. Spit an occasional attack as you retreat because if he's really after you, he'll run into it and get hit. And keep a sharp eye out for the sparkles that outline his 1 hit KO attack. If he hits you with his hax range attack, you should hurry and get out of they way if you are far away enoughfrom him, but staying down until his next attack passes over seems to work if you feel his AoE is coming and you can't outrun his range. Sometimes I turn to Cool Pang pang and shoot stuff at him from an entire screen away from him, but that's not really efficient xD.

Also, try Light shield potions. They are not as useful as Flawless, but are easy (IMO) to get (get 8 for 5 of any fishing bead) and can really save you in a pinch. I think they also have a separate cooldown from Flawless, but not entirely sure. Just don't attack until you're safe or it'll cancel .__.;

CursedScar 06-20-2009 05:27 PM

You best bet and easiest option with any Myth 1 Mini-bosses, is to have a Sieg or Dainn (Your bound to have one) Ice wall or voke it to let you spam it to death. If not, just let someone else draw aggro first, then attack.

For Lunia, stay on her behind.

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