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10-31-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Pvpish build

So i wanna change my lime to a bit more pvpish...

Lunia Skill Simulator

Some of mine comments

Attack: RRT only 1 because STR/damage is more to it....
and i love shiny because it chases and at 4v4 it will make your opponents move with your flute =P

Trans=lv 40 and 60 are main ones and 30 is just emergency ( 15lv is pre recu)

Eruptions= I love these ^_^" Can buy more time

Bless= All ok but im not sure about speedbuff

other is self exlonary
Trickster=Starting once again!
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10-31-2008   #2 (permalink)
*insert title here*
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Looks great. but Shiny Shung is a horrible skill. Fairly long cast time, huge MP cost, and low damage. You can replace those points into the level 30 transform in case you ever want to stage.


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