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Default Whats Been Going On With Me

I know I havnt been around and Im not sure when I will be able to get back either. I do plan to buy me a Mini Lol BUT thats beyond the subject matter at hand.

Here the past few months have been hectic for me. My Husband Brian had High hopes of getting on with Kia which he went and did all their test and still was not offered a job. He has many job aps in but no cals backs..Even from our local Police office. They rather hire brats with money than the people who have the skills to do the job. As for me I was working....As a bartender something I swore I'd never do again. On My App I filled out where I had worked and what I was done and listed a few of my skills. Computer skills, Marketing and Promotions. I Got the Job. YAY me Right? Hell No...My 1st day he drug out a 02 Compac desktop said he had it worked on and asked me to see what I could do. Took the damn thing 5 mins to boot up and load. So I told him his issue and began working out the flaws in it. ( Not to mention he didnt even have a power cord for it so I Jerry rigged it with cord.) After * Hours of fiddling I cleaned it out then he asked me what program software would he need to run Lights and the thing for the recording the karaoke stuff. I told him Lights would work better on a switch board and that he did not have the processor speed or memory to do such with this desktop and also pointed out that it had a CD burner and not a Dvd burner. But he Null and Voided what I said. Next night two people came in (WOW TWO) and I had to call my Boss and ask him how to run the register. It wasnt like I didnt know how but he had all this stuff on it. He gave me a bad look and showed me. Following night I got paid and was told to look up this and that and that I Needed to do something with my hair and also wear white shirts. That Following Monday My Car broke down Busted Caliber and well Brakes gone. I went to work which was free pool night. Sat down with my boss and gave him the information he asked for. I Kept trying to tell him that there was a samung machine that would do all the Karaoke stuff for him rather than setting up a comp to process and save data. It fell on deaf ears. Then it was back to what Should I do about controlling the light. I said a switch board because if you buy a cpu you have to learn the program yourself and have to teach who all comes in for the position to run the program. Deaf ears again. This Man had NO idea about cpus or anything I mean he pulled books out on "How to learn to use the internet" dated 1990 and so on. So I stopped speaking and let him tell me what he wanted. Which ment more work for me and not getting paid. The next night was hell. I was seriously thristy all night long due to my medications that instead of using the plastic shot glasses he said to use I went in the back and filled me a Styrofoam glass of ice and water and kept it behind the bar. When he saw me drinking for it he asked " Whats in that glass" "Where did yoou get the water" "Why Do you Have It" "Where did you get it" I answered water and ice. Because I rather not fill up a tiny plastic cup with water after every drink I take. I got the water from the sink and I got the cup from the back.
He rolled his eyes at me and walked off. That Night everyone was at the pool tables including my husband so I stood over there so I could hear. I took orders and what not but each time someone called my name My Boss would turn the music up louder...I started getting really Pissed off with him. As the night drew to a end I cleaned up and locked up the tables took my stock list counted my draw and timed out. Next day he calls me and fired me. Lol. I was hired to do one thing and was doing 6 there were me him and a older lady working there and I took care of everything in the bar. Honestly Im glad I dont work there anymore with a close minded prick who wont listen to someone. He dont get any one in there anyways yet he wants to do all this stuff to bring people in With Gas being 5 bucks a gallon they are not going to drive to the middle of no were to drink and eat. One thing he told me that I just laughed at was " Here you know so much about computers yet you keep pushing for something else I want it this way not your way with your techie babble" Yeah sure maybe if you read your book from the 90s then maybe it will help!

On the other subject atm Im watching my 3 Nephews because their mom is a ***** and is shacked up with a guy in the shed while my brother in law works and has to come home to this. Im at my moms right now cus the mom cussed me out for no reason what so ever told me to get my shit and leave or it was my ass. Thus I done so. Its so bad there when she gets off work I take care of the kids while she efs off with her bf. Thats all they do is Ef. In the shower where the kids can hear they dont care she wont even change her childs diaper she rather wait till Im done with all the cleaning and cooking to do it. I know this sounds more like a rant but its more of a heads up with whats going on with me. My husband Brian is in Tuscaloosa helping with the disaster and atm Im homeless. Yay me...But I thought I would let you guys know what is up and why I havnt been around. And hopefully I can get back on soon. Cus I miss all my friends even the one who hates me guts and wont even speak to me anymore. But I will try and keep this updated so you guys know. Love you all and miss you bunches.

Yes I used to be Lyn, But Now Im Ashie CUS Thats my Name D<

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Aww...Sis D8! I told you I would give you munny to help you out before D<!

"There is no Real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story." -Frank Herbert
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I'm sorry to hear that things haven't been going your way lately! I'm sure everything will improve for you in time. Just remember that you have a lot of people who love and support you here! =)

PS: Props to Brian for helping out in Tuscaloosa! I know I was grateful that all my friends, family, and myself made it through, but not everyone was as fortunate.


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