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xdgr 02-13-2010 09:19 PM

Some tl;dr
Normally I wouldn't really be making my problems known to people but it's just something that I've been pretty glum about and it's been taking a toll on me.

Around november my grandfather had another stroke and it was quite serious. People that know me would say that I'm not really empathetic and it's something people would note about me. Personally I think I'm just a mess, or a freak who'd get moody over something but pass out advice because I like helping people that I know. Maybe that's it, I'm just nice to people that I know who aren't douches.

On that note, he was stuck in the hospital for weeks and for once it was actually painful to see him like that because whenever I see him, I'll admit he's a bit corny at times but he's not a jerk at all.

As a 17 year old who's never really had anything major happen in his life, I was, as expected, rather glum but I never dared to show any signs of feeling down about it to anyone else. Family, friends, and everyone else, you name it. It was great news to me that he was actually recovering from a stroke like that. It was maybe a few days before thanksgiving, so it was really nice to see he was able to be at the dinner table with us instead of being stuck in the hospital.

It was a few days after when I realized my grandmother was also feeling sick, she's usually a little snappy at things that I do but it's odd that I thought of her being full of life for her age. Hell, she can even walk as fast as me, as awkward as that might sound.

So then maybe a week ago it got really really bad, so she was sent to the same hospital my grandfather went to. Apparently she was diagnosed with having gallstones, the doctors said if they perform a procedure then there will be nothing to worry about. I've only paid 1 visit so far but everything else is what I've heard from my parents or someone else who visited her. It seemed much different from november, doctors and nurses seem to not really give a shit unlike back in november. Ironic since she was placed in the ICU too, where there are almost always nurses or SOMEONE there.

I don't get how it suddenly 'got worse'. It's just a gallstone right? A procedure can somehow make everything better again huh. So on the day when the procedure was supposed to happen, it was postponed because she apparently was given a medication to take by a nurse, so they couldn't perform because it was still in her system and they were not sure if it would affect the process. Ok that's cool, do it tomorrow. Another day came and they somehow couldn't perform it again because they said her 'condition was worsening and it'd be dangerous to do it now'.

So ok, it got postponed again to a date that I don't even know. Today, was having dinner at some place with my family sans grandmother because lolcny. I was helping with the cooking so I was told that my dad got a call from one of the nurses that "many doctors ran to your mother's room because her heart started to beat very slowly". So my dad pretty much bolted out, calling off yet another day off from work at night -I say another because he used those days to go to the 'procedure'- to see her. He told me that 'her heart stopped for a few seconds'.

And here I was, at the kitchen thinking 'wow she was close to dieing, what's going on ??' and we all pretty much had a grim, cold cny dinner for once. We didn't dare tell our grandfather about it, because we knew it'd tear him apart. She visited him when he was in the hospital many times, he can't really do the same to know how she's feeling because he got handicapped by the stroke so it's a hassle for him to travel around especially with all this snow here.

Ok so while in the midst of typing this, my dad told me she calmed down, but it's still dangerous atm. I'm just muddling around doing random things and I'm just annoyed at how stuff like this can happen even on chinese new years. I'm not that good with family drama, because stuff like this never happened to me before at all. I don't really expect sympathy from anyone, considering how most of the people I talked to went afk all of a sudden or just said a few things then went back to playing something. Just felt like ranting out what I'm feeling at the moment because I really do respect the two of them as important people and great supporters.

Aimee 02-14-2010 08:49 AM

I don't get it when people say ''XXX condition is getting worse, so it's dangerous to do this procedure''. Surely if the conditions getting worse, you'd need to do something sooner so it doesn't get even worse.

It's hard when you have family in the hospital. I've been in a similar situation with 3 of my grandparents as well. Anyway, I hope everything works out.

Fayt 02-14-2010 10:25 PM

...I knew something was bothering you since the other day. That being said, it sucks that you have to go through something like this...I went through the same exact thing at 17 as well, and it's true, hospitals are nothing like they used to be. ICU included, I've had family placed there as well.

I do hope that everything turns out for the best.

SOC 02-18-2010 12:46 PM

I'm sorry to hear about this. I really hope it works out.

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