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Miyuki 06-16-2008 11:51 PM

Parents, whats you gonna do or plan?
As in my previous thread @
Raising a child or kids? -

And its about what if you gonna have a child, or do you plan to have a child? Or you don't want a child, yet.


This thread will be discussing about your parenting and also how you gonna raise your kids? Will you spends a lot on education? Teach him/her more into your customs and traditions?

And also, this thread is about where you already have a child or kids, either its your own kids or they're under your cares.

I know there's parents in MT [refer to...ugh...who are them again...@_@], you might want to gives your experiences on raising your kids, how you will raise them, will you raise them /spoils them much? Or let them be independent?



/links updated later.

Adun 06-17-2008 12:45 AM

I don't want children yet.

I was raised in a family that started early, and we didn't do so well until later.

I'd rather wait until I'm more experienced with life in general, so I can thusly be a better parent for my children when the time comes.

Maybe in another 10 years or so...


Forgot to mention the parenting itself.

I have no idea what method would be more fitting for another. The creation and development of a being, influencing the child's personality, etc. is a very complex matter. It doesn't do much good to be overly spoiling a child, nor leaving them to be completely independent, as it creates apparent flaws. A "spoiled" child, or possibly damaging the parent-child relationship, respectively.

I'd want to be totally supportive of mine, focus on their education, teach them good morals, give them plenty of freedom and independence as they get older, always being there for them, respect their space, etc. You know, what most parents want to be. :D

JC 06-17-2008 02:54 AM

When I think of children, I think of how much planning is needed if you want the best for them. The expenses are one thing, but as Adun mentioned, you got to raise them right.
The crux of that problem is the balance of funds from working, or to actually parent + work, I think its extremely difficult to balance that appropriately. When you have both parents working, or wanting to work to fund expenses, do you hire a babysitter or actually sacrifice your job and possibly career to parent?

So far, its looking like a babysitter thing to me, but it'd probably leave a knot in my stomach having a friend or stranger take care of my child while my lover and I work. Relatives don't work for me either, as I don't trust my relatives due to a silly feud with a step relative that blew up into an entire family split that involves me in the middle of it w/o my decision.

It really bugs me when I feel I don't have the groundwork laid out for the early care thing alone, but it may just be only one working for the duration of the first few years for my child and then talks of babysitter afterwards.

Raising, I think I have everything figured out. I think I'll have my child practice Catholicism and pretend to practice it as well for a while. It's something I think I can pull off, as I believe there are some great values in a child learning religion as a means for them to better themselves as a respectful person to society and to be kind to others. Afterwards, I'll let them make their own decision through their knowledge and such.

The later years will be worse, with the constant worries of the usual teenage problems and stupid things they do to amuse their silly minds. I'll have to be a hard-ass and try to do things that'll likely make them hate me and endure their swearing or whatever the hell kids will do during those ages. I don't plan on letting my child get away with things and have harsh punishments and lessons. That's just me though...

If its twins, that'll just be double the trouble/problems and I'll have to make them get along with each other.

I'm hoping to hold off the parenting thing for a few more years at least though...

CujoEX 06-17-2008 06:34 AM

Deep inside, I'm emotional when it comes to life related stuff -- somewhat emo but not the stereotype. I don't want to bring another life in the world, unless my future wife would like one. Rather, if I had the choice, I'd rather adopt and take care of those who was born into the world and never experienced a family.

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