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10-20-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Default Moving out, moving in with my dad, moving on with my life.

This is a mix of a story and questions about how to do things. Without further ado, I will start.

(I live in Columbus, Mississippi, by the way)

To start it off, I'm 19. I'm a guy. I happen to be a transgender, that plans to become a woman. Don't really worry about the details, just keep that in mind. I hate where I live. I live with my mom in a really crappy house that's, well, disgusting on the inside to say the least. I have a lot of bad memories here. I'm usually depressed if I'm not engorging myself into something on the computer. I've tried desperately to get a job so I could move out of this house and into an apartment to have some individuality and move on with my life. But... that's not going to fly.

I've got about two to three weeks left here before I move. I plan to move in with my dad, my little brother, and my oldest brother in West Point, Mississippi. Which is an hour away form here. I'll have some sort of job within a week once I move there, making minimum wage. Which is somewhere around $7 here.

Here's how I see it. I'll live there for quite a few months. I'll buy the occasional leisure thing or two to keep me happy. I'll have to pay for gas for my dad to drive me to my job. Pay for my own food, most likely. Save up for a semi-decent vehicle. I plan to use this vehicle to drive to Pasadena, Maryland in the distant future to move into an apartment with my boyfriend. I'll save up enough money to survive a month or two there by myself, maybe a little help from my boyfriend's parents if need be. Once I have my job there, whenever that happens, I'll work for a while. Pay some of the bills, while saving up for the hormones I'll need for my transformation process, along with the therapy.

That's how I see everything. Now, I've never, ever done anything like this before. I've considered it, thought about it, pondered it, that kinda stuff. But I never saw myself actually doing all of this. But, it's a sure thing now. It -will- happen.

So my question to you guys is this: what can I do to prepare? What can I do to make the moving, the working the job, the managing expenses, all of that easier on me? Any tips involving ANYTHING (other than anything to do with my transgender stuff, as that's kind of my business and I'll find out what to do about that on my own) in this entire post will be greatly appreciated. Please, I'd really love some insight and help into any of this.

Thanks. <3
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10-21-2012   #2 (permalink)
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First off, I'm going to mention food (because I'm a food addict like that ;o; ). I heard that you actually save LOTS of money if you just make your own food at home and go shopping at the grocery store (le gasp, people still shop there?!). So learn to cook, that could save you lots of money. And look in the newspaper for ads on bargains for food at different stores. Compare the prices to see which place has cheaper what. Avoid fast food places and eating out as much as possible so you can save money and stay healthy :>

If your workplace is close by your home (or at least walking distance, AKA 20 min or less walk) then you should just walk there instead of driving. Less pollution in the air, and you can avoid those nasty gas prices ($5 for a gallon? SERIOUSLY?!) Or, you could spare $1~3 to go on the bus. [This really depends on the bus rate and where it drops off, though.]

I don't know much about cars, so I can't really help you much here. A used car should be good enough to get you by until you can get a better job with a higher wage. I think knowing how much money should go where would be your biggest issue. Lots of math will be involved. How many hours are you planning to work? Are you gonna be a part-time worker and go to school or a full-time worker?

Assuming you'll probably do 20+ hours, that's at least $140 a week. Subtract maybe $40 for the food that week (maybe it could last longer. Instant ramen is pretty cheap :> ). Subtract another $20~30 ish for gas and you'll be left around $80~70. If you don't plan on buying anything else, then put that money away into the bank. If you want to make organizing easier, make note of how much money you're putting into what (like how much money are you gonna put into getting the transformation, how much money are you gonna save for the apartment, etc.) If you keep this pace up and take out maybe $40 ish or less for things for yourself, I think you'll have a decent amount of money for a little of everything :> If you're paying rent, splitting between people does wonders.

I hope some of my advice helps ;o; Coming from an inexperienced child who has yet to start working, I'm not entirely sure if any of this is useful, but its just a collection of things I've heard.
Good luck to you ~ ^^
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10-21-2012   #3 (permalink)
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Financially, just be as stingy with your money as much as possible. You have a lot of goals that involve saving lots of money, but they're all tangible if you have the will-power and smarts to save up every last dime.

Make sure you get your local grocery store's weekly printouts and check for sales and deals. Also, check out your local farmer's market if there is one to find cheap fruits and vegetables. Learning to cook is a valuable tool not only for saving money, but for life in general.


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