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Mega 09-23-2012 09:01 AM

Complete story behind living changes.
So as some of you know my dad's cousin is moving in with us (the end of this week :py57: ) and I decided to share the story behind it, so maybe my brain will stop thinking about it too!


5 years ago my dad's cousin in South Georgia moved out of the house she had been living in with her Mother and Father, both of which who had passed away. She pretty much locked the place up and left it as it was. Her friend was kind enough to take her in, so she's been living with her ever since.

Fast forward till now. The house is still sitting there with no electricity or power. She was a major Disney fan and had A LOT of collectables from all the times she went to Disney World. Come to find out hobo's had broke into the house sometime within that 5 year gap. So of course they've rummaged through all the stuff that was in there, living in there putting candles on whatever since there were no lights.

Last week my Dad's other cousin from Tennessee went down there and helped her go through all the crap so that she would be ready to just drive it up here this coming Saturday. She stopped by today on her way back home and said they filled 2 of the HUGE dumpsters full of crap, the house had bugs, rats, and everything else in it, and the furniture was starting to mold, etc. Most of the stuff they just dumped in the garbage, but the rest they sold in a yard sale.

Come to find out my Mom, Dad, and I are all going to have to make the 8 hour trip down there, spend the night, and then drive the moving truck back the next day.... She'll be living downstairs in our den, which is where we used to live in our house, and my Mom and Dad just got painted and got all the furniture and stuff they wanted down there. So now we'll be living upstairs in the living room, which was full of stuff my Mom kept from over the years. We moved our new HDTV up here, but the new furniture is way too heavy for us to move, so we're using the furniture we had up here when we moved in 13 years ago.

So that's why we've been cleaning up the house and the yard sale we had. We're still going to have to have another yard sale though because now we're going through the closets in the house and there's enough crap for a whole other yard sale!

Amaterasu 10-05-2012 12:48 AM

Seems like pretty drastic changes but not anything to drastic that alters your whole life course, You'll be fine! :py05:

Mega 10-05-2012 02:47 AM

Well so far everything is ok. The first few days were a bit stressful having to move stuff in (her car was packed full and she had almost a full 18-wheeler truck, but most of that went in a storage shed)

The only thing I'm still having trouble with is her freaking dog will NOT stop barking if she is gone....I have to put on headphones and turn the TV volume up high so I can ignore the it ;_;

Aimee 10-05-2012 03:31 AM

Don't just ignore it then, pay the dog some attention sometimes, that's all it's looking for.
It will get used to the new surroundings eventually, and her not being around 24/7, and then calm down a bit.

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