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11-15-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default Ged get

Well, I wanted to let you guys know (mainly the ones who read my old thread about getting a kick start on my life by making the best of a bad situation) things have been going well lately. Late in my GED classes, I got to apply for a GED scholarship (basically a set of practice tests and that I had to write another essay, detailing what I wanted to do with my life). Well, it got me the scholarship and I got the GED done and I passed with flying colors (give or take the math part, which I passed and that's good enough for me).

Needless to say, I did very well on the writing test, which is what I'm most proud of, landing a 93 percentile, meaning I scored in the top 7% of the people who took the test. I did good in other subjects as well, though I didn't know, until after I took the test, that Vietnam was fought over communism and such. I don't think I really got into recent American history when I was actually in school. But either way, it went great and my GED recently came in the mail.

As for other recent events in my life, things are less hectic now, but I'm not really satisfied yet. Things are suddenly back to just being rather meh. I couldn't start attending college courses due to my inelligability for financial aid, since I still owe a little less than $3000 for when I majored in computer repair at CEI, but I have a fairly impressive resume, all things considered and it shouldn't take long to get it paid off, provided I can find work. And therein lies the snag. There's not many jobs around here (I've looked quite thoroughly) and even less that I'm qualified for. I thought about tutoring, once I saw a listing for it, but it required a master's degree. Somehow, that feels like a little overkill, but that's how a lot of the requirements are these days. The playing field has been raised so high, it's a little hard for someone who just got their GED to climb up.

I'll try not to get discouraged, but I'd welcome some input/advice on some of this. I've recently started seriously considering joining the coast guard, but I'm not entirely sure I'm fit for it. I never was very active, but I do want to become more disciplined. So we'll see how things go.
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11-15-2011   #2 (permalink)
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All I can say is just study to make to your goal and good luck on your GED and your life. I'm counting on you to make it to your goal.

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