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Sidero 05-17-2011 03:55 AM

Gaia News - 5/16/11
Greetings Citizens of Gaia!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. We have reported all the major bugs to our developers and they are hard at work to resolve them. At the moment we are concentrating on the Pet Lucky Box issue and the Assassinate skill issue. Patch notes will be posted tomorrow so be on the lookout for them. As far as DQAs, we have had an overwheliming amount of them over the weekend and we will attempt our best to get them all responded.

To give everyone a chance, we have extended the sales on the Gothic Costume for another day! Don't forget to check out the Bee Costume as this will be available only until tomorrow!

Just a reminder, selling or purchasing of accounts, in-game items, or gold for real currency is and will always be illegal. It is against our terms of service and even attempting or advertising to sell or purchase will result in discinpinary action. If you witness any suspicious acitivity please submit a DQA with screenshots or chat logs. This includes purchasing fom gold sellers, selling/purchasing in-game items or gold for real currency, and even advertising to sell/purchase in-game items or gold for real currency.


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