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Sidero 05-12-2011 04:32 AM

[Game Events] Memorial Day Celebration!
Dear Legend of Edda Community,

With last night's maintenance began our Memorial Day in-game event celebration!
Even more unique pets, special items, costumes, and free gifts to be had just for logging in!

Memorial Day Event Period:

(5/10) ~ (6/7)


Blessing of the Priest Daily Gift Event!

Visit Blessing Official Dorira in Gaiyan town to receive the following items every day to help you level!

[Event] Bronze Coin
[Event] (3 Hr.) 20% Exp Potion
[Event] (30 Min.) 20% God Potion
[Event] Attendance Token


May Attendance Event!

Play Legend of Edda and get free items just for logging in! Collect Attendance Tokens from the Daily Gift Event each day, and turn in (2) or (7) at a time to Blessing Official Dorira for the following prizes!

Turn in (2) Attendance Tokens to Blessing Official Dorira:
Get an [Event] (3 Hr.) 20% Exp Potion!

Turn in (7) Attendance Tokens to Blessing Official Dorira:
Get one of the new Pet Lucky Boxes!
Each Pet Lucky box includes one random pet!


Blessing of the Rabbit God - Easter Event!

The Year of the Rabbit celebration continues! Help the beautiful Rabbit God Priestess Riola in Gaiyan Town free helpless, captive bunnies around the city for a special Memorial Day reward!

To thank you for your help, she'll giving out the newest in our series of holiday-themed backpacks, the Memorial Day [Event] Elephant Bag!


May 1 Hour Gift Event!

Log into Legend of Edda for 60 minutes and receive one of the new Login Lucky Box items in your inventory, which will randomly give you vehicles, CC items, and more! Receive another Login Lucky Box for every 60 minutes you stay logged in after that!

Login Lucky Box Contents:

[Event] Bronze Coin
[Event] (3 Hr.) 20% Exp Potion
[Event] (30 Min.) 20% God Potion
[Event] Attendance Token
[Event] God's Portal Spell Book (3 Days)
[Event] White Tiger (3 Days)


May Flower Collection Event!

Collect [Event] May Flower items that will be dropping from all monsters in the game to get an exclusive new Memorial Day Elephant pet!

After collecting 100 [Event] May Flower items visit the Blessing Official Dorira NPC in Gaiyan Town, click "Redeem Attendance Tokens" to turn those May Flowers into an adorable little guy of your own!

Because an elephant never forgets!

This special pet will only be available for Memorial Day 2011, so collect yours today!


Get out there and find those May Flowers, and remember to visit the Event NPC each day for your free gifts!

Enjoy Your Memorial Day Weekends Everyone!

- Legend of Edda Team

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