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Sidero 05-06-2011 06:04 AM

(5/4) Maintenance Concluded
Dear Legend of Edda Community,

The crafting issue at the Blacksmith Anvil NPC in Gaiyan Town has been resolved successfully, and we apologize once again for the interruption to you play.

Please don't forget to visit the Blessing Official Dorira NPC in town for free items each day, and good luck once again in collecting enough Easter Egg items to receive your limited edition Easter Bunny pets!

We will also have increased rates on the following:
+50% EXP Rate - Increases EXP earned from killing monsters.
Rates will be in effect until next maintenance.

- Legend of Edda Support Team


Dear Legend of Edda Community,

The currently ongoing issue with crafting has been determined, and we will be holding a fairly short maintenance to resolve it tonight from 11pm (5/4) ~ 12am PDT (5/5). We do apologize for the interruption to your normally scheduled playing times, and appreciate your patience today while the root of the problem was being determined.

Scheduled Server Maintenance:
11pm (5/4) ~ 12am (5/5 )PDT

- Legend of Edda Support Team

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