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Sidero 05-05-2011 04:13 AM

Gaia News - 5/2/11
Greetings Citizens of Gaia!

Thank you for everyone's support with the release of Chapter 2! We have a lot of DQAs to answer but we will attempt to get to all of them by the end of today. Thank you for your patience! Most of the bugs, especially the Unique items stats will be resolved by maintenance tomorrow night (5/3). There is also an issue with the dungeon boxes not giving any items, this issue will be resolved and please do not purchase any of these boxes from the Auction House. As for game start up issues, please download the latest client and reinstall it with your anti-virus and firewall disabled.

We apologize for the delay on payment verifications, as we are not in the office on the weekends. To give everyone a chance to take advantage of our weekend sale, we have decided to extend the sale on our Enchant Crystals! Also, please don't forget to check out the winners of our St. Patrick's Shamrock Event and the Video Tutuorial Event!

Account sharing is not permitted and violates our terms of service. Any players that are involved in account sharing will face disclipinary action! Please submit a DQA if you witness any suspicious activity. All reports are always anonymous.


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