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Sidero 03-16-2011 06:34 AM

[Chapter 2 Update] First Preview: Shadow Canyon!
Mar 15, 2011

Dear Legend of Edda Community,

Tonight we are releasing the first of many screenshots and update details to come regarding the Second Chapter in the Legend of Edda saga!

Without further ado we're excited to present images from one of several new maps which will be arriving with the Chapter 2 update for Legend of Edda: Shadow Canyon!

With monsters ranging from levels 49~52, Shadow Canyon is a wasteland devastated by the ongoing battle between the Olympian Gods and the Titans. Prepare yourselves to venture into the desolate wastes and burning sands that sweep its scarred surface.

The deadly Queen Anansha, one of several bosses that reside within the depths of Shadow Canyon. Her perpetual hunger compels the Spider Queen to drive her brood out to scour the sands in seeking to devour anything that moves.

Surrounded by her venemous minions, including the loathsome Cavespider Guards, few have been able to make it through the black caves they infest to reach the Queen's dark lair.

The Canopus are the reanimated remains of the rulers of an ancient civilization which once thrived in the area. With the War of the Gods disturbing their final resting places, they now roam through the desert lashing out at unwary passerby in their fury.

The Minotaurus are a proud, dangerous tribe of half-men, half-beasts that have found their way into the Shadow Canyon through their nomadic wanderings. Fiercely territorial, they will not hesitate to raid caravans or attack adventurers that come too close to their camps.

The Black Feather tribe of the Minotaurus are particularly ferocious and compete for honor amongst their tribesmen through battle. With the rise to power of the vicious Chief Pike, the Black Feather tribe's Consuls (shown above) have become even more bloodthirsty, inciting their tribe to a state of perpetual warfare against oustiders.

Keep an eye on the News section each week for more information about the Chapter 2 update, coming soon!

- Legend of Edda Team

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