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06-01-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default [] Video Contest #2 - Jungle Guides / $50 Prize

Jungling is a very important part of the game as a whole, and definitely one of the more intricate roles to play in a team comp. It requires map awareness, timing, and some skill to be able to do it well. Sometimes videos are the best way to help new players trying junglers learn how to be more effective in the role. Well if you play a jungler, and want to teach people how to PWN like you do, and make some $$ doing it, here's your chance!

The Contest:
Create a Jungle Guide in video form, and submit it to the LC Video Database.
You can have as MUCH information in the video guide as you want, But the video guide must be as least 5 minutes long, and detail the jungling phase of your character.

The Prize:
$50 Prize will be given to the user who's submission has the most views on our site.
$50 Prize will be given to a user who's video is selected by the staff. this video will probably be an example of good video editing and/or strategy.

The Rules:
Video must be made by you.
Video must be about jungling, and/or playing a jungling champion.
Video must include at least - jungling path, runes, masteries. everything else is up to you.
Video must be at least 5 mins long
Video must have your LC username in it. [TITLES OF VIDEOS DO NOT COUNT]
The submission MUST BE tagged as a contest submission in order to be a valid entry. (See How to Enter)
The winnings will be deposited via PayPal. it is free and easy to sign up @

The Deadline:
The contest officially starts Monday, May 30th, and entries can be submitted until Midnight June 20th.
This is 3 weeks for the contest, as opposed to the 2 week deadline for the previous contest.

For more information on how to enter - > Video Contest #2 - Jungle Guides! - Leaguecraft

Jungle Guide Videos: Jungle Guides :: LoL Videos :: Leaguecraft
For League of Legends Latest And Most Recent News Like Us At- > Leaguecraft Fan Page
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06-08-2011   #2 (permalink)
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I really should join this mmm, but so lazyyyyyy
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I should enter this since I enjoy jungling
Editing the vid will prolly take me a week though...
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