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Mega 10-14-2013 05:46 AM

Riot Has a LoL Trading Card Game?
[Updated] Riot Has a LoL Trading Card Game? - News - Reign of Gaming


A series of screenshots of what is said to be a LoL TCG were posted by Marc Merrill's* Twitter account.

Have in mind his account is hacked, so this is most probably not official information!!!

Update: The guy who hacked Merrill's Twitter account just said he's giving it back and that we will be seeing more of those pictures.

Update 2: The LoL: Supremacy - related tweets were deleted from Merrill's account a few minutes ago. You can see them on the image below.

Update 3: Marc Merrill has just addressed the information and screenshots the hacker tweeted:
The game is obviously called League of Legends: Supremacy and the domain seems to be registered by Riot:

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