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Default Collegiate Game Changers: Georgia Tech

(Only reason I'm posting this is cause it's near where I live )


This is week four of a five-week article series published every Wednesday to highlight some of the best collegiate communities in North America.

Back in 2011 when there was no League of Legends Collegiate Program at all, Georgia Tech League of Legends (GTLOL) helped kick off the beginning of a growing initiative. The passion and innovation driven by their leadership continues to diversify their club and improve their already impressive events.

The bi-annual community celebration known as GT Gamefest recently celebrated its 3rd birthday and continues to expand, attracting more than 300 attendees twice a year. GTLOL boasts one of the most passionate volunteer corps in the Collegiate Program with players pulling all-nighters wiring ethernet cords by hand, re-configuring entire networks to accommodate wired connections for hundreds of computers and securing food for a horde of hungry attendees.

Gamefest alone demonstrates the influence of this powerhouse mecca for gamers and STEM-field enthusiasts, but GTLOL has never settled for good enough. They've reached out to local universities and walked them through the application process for the Collegiate Program. They've even run tournaments alongside these organizations to help them learn the logistical ropes. They've collaborated with Momocon, Atlanta's anime and gaming convention, to run an impromptu tournament with a mere four weeks' notice with full stream support and two teams of in-house shoutcasters to boot.

In addition to growing their regional community, GTLOL continues to shepherd a development pipeline for shoutcasters. Dylan “PepitasNestle” Hornibrook, an industrious senior with a passion for color commentating and a background in baseball radio broadcasts, founded the College of Casting. This national community exploded in recent months to almost 200 members. With the goal of providing shoutcasting to any collegiate events that are looking to build an exciting spectator experience for event attendees, the College of Casting is yet another major success for Georgia Tech's community. They also boast a mentoring program and emphasize constant improvement over instant excellence. This helps soften the sharp learning curve of shoutcasting by delivering a consistent experience to aspiring casters to help evolve their craft.

GTLOL has grown to almost 400 members, fostered communities at local schools, thrown massive LAN events, collaborated with national conventions and revolutionized the collegiate spectator experience by crowdsourcing collegiate shoutcaster development. With creative initiatives and a driven community, GTLOL epitomizes the best of the Collegiate Program.

For more information about Georgia Tech's community, click here.
For more information about the Collegiate Program, click here.
Check out all of the 2012-2013 Collegiate Game Changers

Week 1 – UC Irvine

Week 2 – The Ohio State University

Week 3 – The University of British Columbia

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