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Mega 07-03-2013 01:54 PM

Lucian, The Purifier
Surrender at 20: Champion Teaser - Shadows and Reflections


The teaser for our next champion just went up! The post is from "Lucian, The Purifier"- I feel you may recongize him.
"When we took up these weapons, we accepted our mission with pride. Rid Runeterra of evil, they told us. Slay the corrupt. Send the filth of the world crawling back to the hole it crawled out of. Not just anyone can wield these weapons. You need a pure heart. A fearless mind. An inner light that outshines all the darkness in the world. Once I had that light. Now I'm not so sure.
Everything changed. We knew our mission was greater than ourselves. The enemy was not who we fought, but what we fought. Evil. The Shadow Isles? Just another mess to clean up, just a bunch of ghosts. They were abominations, but nothing we hadn't put in the ground before. Until the day we faced him. Until the day he ripped her from my life."
"Now my enemy has a name. She wouldn't want me to come after her--she knew the risks. But I can't forget her. I won't forget her. I'll hunt down the bastard who took her from me and send him straight to the grave.
Twice, if I have to."

Surrender at 20: ZenonTheStoic with more on Lucian, The Purifier!


With the Lucian teaser out, the forums are ablaze with all sorts of questions about the upcoming champion - what is his role, what are his abilties, WHO IS HIS FREAKIN' NEMESIS!?.

While not spoiling too much, ZenonTheStoic , Lucian's designer, has been bouncing around the forums and revealing various tidbits on his first champion.
Continue reading for more information on Lucian, the Purifier!

To confirm on his name and title, ZenonTheStoic noted:
"Gun Templar was a working title. His final name and title are "Lucian, the Purifier". It'll all make sense, don't worry!"
When questioned about the early Lucian ( referring to him as Gun Templar ) images that leaked out a while ago, ZenonTheStoic replied:
[ Translated from German ] " We have no idea of how the leak happened :(, it is also important to remember that the concept has changed slightly since this drawing again, so I was particularly unhappy with the leak. He has raised expectations that are out of date"
As it is something that has bred a lot of speculation, ZenonTheStoic commented on a particular line in Lucian's teaser:
"Don't be thrown off by the "twice if I have to". The line refers to things that just won't stay dead, aka the denizens of the Shadow Isles, not to an in-game mechanic."
( Editor's Note: To be clear - I believe what he's saying is don't assume his nemesis is Yorick simply because of Yorick's ult - it can be any of the Shadow Isles baddies )

As for Lucian's intended role, he commented:
[ Translated from German ] "He will likely be played as ADC :)"
He was also kind enough to tease the first letter's of each of Lucian's abilities.
[ Translated from German ] "The kit we will reveal when Lucian goes on PBE. But since we Leaks like here, where the first letter of the skills (in English):
Passive: L

Q: P

W: A

E: R

R: C "
ZenonTheStoic also noted that Lucian will have no form of CC.
[ Translated from German ]" Lucian has NO CC skills. Not even a Slow Nothing :D "
Over on reddit, ZenonTheStoic also briefly touched on his lore, which was written by Riot Runaan.
"Also his lore was written by the biggest Graves fan-girl in the office (the world perhaps?) so he definitely has a little bit of that outlaw attitude to him.
I LOVE the text of the reveal. Runaan did such a great job :)"
As for special interactions, ZenonTheStoic mentioned he'll have them for his lore nemsis:
[ Translated from German ]"It has something to do with his nemesis"

james 07-03-2013 06:26 PM

No cc.... that'll be interesting.

iTaker 07-03-2013 07:28 PM

I'm quite intrigued by this lucian actually. I'll wait to see how he's played as with any new champion, but this should be different i think.

HolyAbyssal 07-04-2013 06:14 AM

Well, only Corki, Ezreal, and Sivir (for ADCs) have no CC, so he won't be the first with none
And then most others only have one CC (Vayne, Kog, Graves, MF, Twitch).

So I'm just guessing that he will have a movement abilitiy of some sort. :P

He looks to be interesting, so can't wait for him to be on the PBE

Kenzor 07-04-2013 07:14 AM


Originally Posted by HolyAbyssal (Post 1825253)
Well, only Corki, Ezreal, and Sivir (for ADCs) have no CC, so he won't be the first with none
And then most others only have one CC (Vayne, Kog, Graves, MF, Twitch).

So I'm just guessing that he will have a movement abilitiy of some sort. :P

He looks to be interesting, so can't wait for him to be on the PBE

Corki used to have a blind and stealth reveal.
Ezreal used to have a really strong attack speed debuff (and a heal) that almost felt like a stun for auto attackers.

Vayne's stun is really strong.
Kog's slow is really strong.
Graves W is still one of the most broken mechanics ever even after 1000 nerfs.
MF's slow is strong enough for her to escape.
Twitch's slow is enough for him to secure a kill.

Mega 07-09-2013 01:02 PM

Arm yourself as Lucian, the Purifier | LoL - League of Legends


Stand against the shadows and obliterate evil with righteous power as Lucian, the Purifier. Armed with ancient weapons, this ranged carry excels at pummeling opponents with quick shots, relentless dashes and a barrage of light-infused bullets.


http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws....ghtslinger.png Lightslinger
After using one of his abilities, Lucian’s next auto attack shoots twice.

http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws....cing_Light.png Piercing Light
Shoots a bolt of light through a target, damaging enemies in a line.

http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws....dent_Blaze.png Ardent Blaze
Fires a shot that explodes in a star pattern and marks targets. Shooting marked targets deals extra damage and grants Lucian a short burst of speed.

http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws....ss_Pursuit.png Relentless Pursuit
Lucian dashes a short distance and removes all slowing effects. Relentless Pursuit’s cooldown resets if The Culling kills an enemy champion.

http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws....he_Culling.png The Culling
Lucian moves freely while firing rapidly in a single direction, dealing damage to the first enemy hit.



Bot lane

A highly-mobile ranged damage dealer, Lucian punishes enemies for straying too close. Piercing Light offers Lucian significant harass potential, even through minions, forcing enemy carries to decide between missing last hits as they dodge his shots or taking damage as they farm up. Dashing with Relentless Pursuit or landing Ardent Blaze and a follow-up auto attack on escaping targets gives Lucian the speed boost needed to close gaps, score kills or escape a deadly gank.

Lightslinger enables Lucian to fire two auto attacks in quick succession after using his abilities. This offers ample opportunities for the Purifier to bully his lane enemies and take the upper hand in simple duels. On-hit effects such as life steal, slows and red buff proc twice, making Lucian all that more likely to survive tough exchanges and maintain presence in lane.

The Culling, Lucian’s ultimate, is a channeled ability that fires a barrage of bullets in a straight line, damaging the first enemy champion hit. Unlike many channeled abilities, Lucian has the option to dash with Relentless Pursuit as he unleashes The Culling. While on the move, The Culling will continue firing in the same direction as when activated. Simultaneous use of Relentless Pursuit allows Lucian to quickly dash away from his approaching enemies or move in towards fleeing foes. Earning kills or assists with The Culling also refreshes Relentless Pursuit, making Lucian a swift death dealer while his ultimate is active.


Once teamfights break out, Relentless Pursuit enables Lucian to quickly escape unfavorable situations and kite pursuing opponents, or skirt around the enemy team to single out priority targets. When facing off against a group of foes, tagging multiple enemies with Ardent Blaze gives Lucian plenty of targets to peg for a speed boost while Piercing Light rips through the group.


http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws....R/Quote_EN.png http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws....LR/Flavor1.png

Lucian wields relic weapons imbued with ancient power and stands a stalwart guardian against the undead. His cold conviction never wavers, even in the face of the maddening horrors he destroys beneath his hail of purifying fire. Lucian walks alone on a grim mission: to purge the spirits of those ensnared in undeath, his eternal beloved among them.

Like the twin relic weapons they wielded, Lucian and his wife Senna were carved from the same stone. Together they battled evil in Runeterra for years, bringing light to darkness and purging those taken by corruption. They were beacons of righteousness: Senna’s dedication to their cause never faltered, while Lucian’s kindness and warmth touched the hearts of the many lives they saved. Two parts of one whole, they were devoted and inseparable.

Though Lucian and Senna witnessed terror that would break most warriors, nothing they had seen compared to the horrors wrought by the Shadow Isles. When the spectral denizens of that accursed place began to manifest across Runeterra, Lucian and Senna hunted them down wherever they appeared. It was grim work, but the fearless pair prevailed until one tragic encounter with the soul-collector Thresh. Lucian and Senna had faced such nightmarish undead before, but never one so deviously clever and cruel. As the terrible battle unfolded, Thresh sprung an unexpected ploy. To Lucian's horror, the creature tricked Senna and ensnared her soul, trapping her in a spectral prison.


Nothing could bring her back. Senna was lost, and for the first time, Lucian faced his mission alone.

Though the Warden had taken half of Lucian's heart, he had also created the Shadow Isles' most dangerous foe. Lucian became a man of dark determination, one who would stop at nothing to purge the undead from the face of Runeterra. In honor of Senna's memory, he took up her fallen weapon and vowed to see their mission through to the end. Now wielding both relic weapons, Lucian fights to slay the undead and cleanse the souls of the Shadow Isles. He knows that Senna’s soul is lost, but never loses hope that one day he will bring her peace.

"Be grateful. By slaying you now, I spare you an eternity of torment." – Lucian

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Kenzor 07-09-2013 02:13 PM

Seems like a pretty fun kit that encourages you to be on your toes at all times, always spamming skills and being mobile while making use of the passive AA steroid and proccing W.

iTaker 07-09-2013 02:16 PM

Agreed with ken. As long as his numbers are alright i'll be buying for sure.

Crave 07-09-2013 06:24 PM

I took a vow not to spend any more money on a free game, this is making me question my decision.

kuyaBaka 07-09-2013 09:35 PM

This popped up on my tumblr dash.

Veloze 07-09-2013 11:16 PM

Mega 08-18-2013 07:14 AM

Anyone remember this forgotten champion? xD

HolyAbyssal 08-18-2013 08:18 AM

well, they've slowed down their releases immensely, and they have been tweaking numbers on lucian.

Also reworks to keep in mind, and I think they want 3.10 to be the patch for Worlds, so we'll have a bit to go.

Kenzor 08-18-2013 08:43 AM

Just going to rewrite my thoughts that I wrote on the official forums somewhere about Riot's slowed down releases in regards to champions.


Last year, when we were getting champions every 2-4 weeks, we got innovating designs like Zed, Syndra, Zyra, Jayce, Elise etc.

This year, Riot said they will slow down the pacing of champion releases for the sake of "quality".

What did we get?
  • A better Blitzcrank
  • A hybrid ranged/melee dps who had A LOT of trouble doing either roles well until she received a million buffs and QoL changes. How is she now? She's like...Teemo. Annoying ranged champ with a blind and extremely hard to catch but can't do shit in team fights, actually Teemo is better in team fights if he's AP.
  • A champion who encourages mindlessly stacking health forever and mashing your face on W.
  • A better Morgana, who has everything Morgana could ever wish for spoonfed into her kit.
  • A worse Tryndamere and bad attempt at creating an AD carry who could fit into the meta, turns out the only good way to play this guy is stacking defensive stats and GA so his role has changed from melee AD carry to a tanky annoyance.

and now we're waiting 60+ days for generic overly cool black guy with overly cool guns and generic badassness (not talking gameplay-wise).

and as for reworks:
  • Karma: As much as I like new Karma and admit she works better than before, her kit is generic and bland as shit and her rework was a hugely missed oppurtunity. Note she also took 1000 buffs to reach accepted viability state.
  • Sejuani: Very little changed.
  • Trundle: Very little changed, and he's still underplayed. Why did his and Sej's reworks take forever again?
  • Master Yi: They took his old kit, and decided to spoonfeed everything that made past nerfed champs OP and put it into Yi's new kit and at the same time put the strong points of AP Yi AND AD Yi together, now he's broken as shit and has 100% ban rate in all leagues.

Quality? Pfff...yeah
I honestly don't care about Lucian anymore, I just want his release to be over with so we can be teased about the next new champion, who's probably isn't going to be released until 2014.

Krem 08-18-2013 01:45 PM


Originally Posted by HolyAbyssal (Post 1829070)
I think they want 3.10 to be the patch for Worlds

Can you go into a bit more detail please?

Loreli 08-18-2013 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by Kenzor (Post 1829071)
I honestly don't care about Lucian anymore, I just want his release to be over with so we can be teased about the next new champion, who's probably isn't going to be released until 2014.

100% ^. Over 60 days :l. Basically a 1/6th of a the year and still going.

Need to get a new support released.

HolyAbyssal 08-18-2013 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by Riolu (Post 1829079)
Can you go into a bit more detail please?

Worlds is to be held in the timeframe from September 15 to October 4.

And it is speculated that Riot wanted to get out 3.10 before that happens and for all of the qualifiers because it changes the major spawn times for small camps in the jungle, as well as buffing turrets, so those are both major changes that teams have to cope to.

Also, there are no new champions/reworks (besides Yi but he has been disabled on LCS) so that front has been the same for a while.

So they don't want to introduce any new champions between now and then, thus, lucian is not out yet

Mega 08-19-2013 05:15 PM

Surrender at 20: Champion Origins: Lucian the Purifier


Riot has released a video on their thoughts during the process of creating Lucian! We hear from a couple Rioters about Lucian's inspiration, Champion development, themes to his gameplay and more!

Don't forget to pay attention at the beginning to what looks to be the new loading screen for Lucian. So dangerously sparkly! *u* What do you guys think of this new Champion Origin video?

Mega 08-21-2013 02:14 PM

Took them freaking long enough. Now next champion can start being teased before it gets pushed back 2 months :p

Sanichi 08-22-2013 12:49 AM

The annie dummies, lol.

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