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Mega 04-16-2013 02:51 PM

Red Post Grab Bag: Karma's Balance, context on Thresh PBE Changes, and more
Surrender at 20: Red Post Grab Bag: Karma's Balance, context on Thresh PBE Changes, and more


What better way to kick off a new day than with a bundle of red posts?
Continue reading for posts pertaining to Karma's balance, the status of Rengar's buffs, the long lost Norse King Darius skin, Anivia nerfs ( or lack there of! ), and a response about the recent Thresh PBE changes.

Current State of Karma
Scarizard stopped by the forums to drop off an update on the health of the newly relaunched Karma, how it is fairing, and offering a preview of some upcoming changes.
"Hey y'all - sorry i've not had the time to post. Vacation/sickness aside, it's just hard to find a block of time to respond to the concerns players have the way i'd prefer (a long, all-inclusive post), but seeing as something is better than nothing, here i am.
This thread has certainly de-railed since its inception, and so instead of responding to things piece-by-piece i'll just say this here: Last patch was not a 'one-and-done'. I have no intention of leaving Karma in a 'weak, unplayable' state for any amount of time more than necessary. Karma's lack of Live Design support over the years has been due to a flux in rework prioritization, mixed with mechanics present on the old kit that made it very difficult to balance without pushing her overboard. Karma will receive buffs this patch, and we will continue to monitor/support the champion until we feel she is in a good place.
Does this mean we're just going to start tossing out ratio buffs? Likely not. I'm committed to making changes that ease usage and promote the gameplay we'd like to see, (such as the changes made last patch) and not just more damage across the board. 3.5 Balance gave her more uses of Mantra that she wasn't getting before. I think we can do better, and further the flow of Karma's combat and supportive capabilities, while keeping it very Mantra-focused.
I'm going to be busy during the day, but i will keep refreshing this thread and giving short answers where i can. When i'm off from work, i'd like to spend some time going more in-depth, so please leave me comments you'd like to see have responses. I'd like to have a constructive conversation about what we can do to make Karma better for everyone to enjoy. What are your frustrations with her play experience? Where are you having fun?

We're not going to rework the rework, but we can work together and give you a Karma that flows and feels strong.
Please keep the comments coming, and i'll keep reading. There's more than this in the works, but i'll show you a bit of what we have for next patch:
Inner Flame damage increased to 80/125/170/215/260 from 60/110/160/210/260

Inspire cooldown reduced to 10 seconds from 12.
Morello's Grab Bag of Posts
Didn't really have an easy way to sort all of these brief comments, so have at it! First up is Rengar buffs, followed by Norse King Darius, followed by Anivia balance.

When questioned if there were any plans to buff Rengar, Morello replied:
"We do - though I wanna keep the details tight as Classick's still fiddling with it. :)"
As a follower up, one summoner asked why Riot can't just share the information now, to which Morello responded:
"Because when we don't, there's 3 days of "but you said this would be there!" Also, Classick has the details - I don't :) I'd share the ones we were more confident on if I knew them first-hand."
When asked about Norse King Darius, an incomplete skin previewed when Darius was originally release released, and if it had been scrapped, Morello responded:
"Not scrapped, just still have some cleanup work to do :) No ETA dudes, sorry!"
In relation to balance changes for Anivia, Morello commented that there are currently no plans to nerf her.
"I agree, but the team (who I tend to trust a lot on this stuff) disagrees for right now"
Context on Thresh PBE changes
In response to feedback about the recent Thresh PBE changes that swapped the passive on his Q over to his E, CertainlyT commented:
"The goal of these changes was not to directly nerf Thresh (though I feel it will likely result in a reduction in his power -- particularly at levels 1-2, as a poster above mentioned). One important purpose of our skill rank up system is to let players make meaningful choices with their skill point allocations. After the change, Q=Control, W=Utility, E=Damage is more clearly defined, though perhaps not 100% there yet.

Think of it as a new iteration, or version, of Thresh -- one that is a cleaner and generally better design."

Kenzor 04-16-2013 03:12 PM

Happy for the Thresh change, I really didn't like leveling Q just for the passive damage increase.

Alekko 04-16-2013 07:08 PM

This Thresh change looks more like a buff to me, his E gains more damage per level, increases the slow % considerably and after the skill is rank 3 it does more damage than Death Sentence, it's also a lot easier to hit than Q and it hits more than 1 target, and let's face it, the only real advantage of maxing Q was increasing the passive damage and lowering the cooldown, which to be honest you wouldn't notice because it's not like you would normally be able to pull off 2 Q's per engagement.

Disregard that, apparently Thresh's numbers are getting adjusted accordingly.

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