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Mega 03-13-2013 03:28 PM

Rune Page sale in "Next Month or So"
Surrender at 20: Rune Page sale in "Next Month or So"


Earlier today, Hippalus posted on the forums confirming that there will be a another rune page sale ( the last one was back in September and featured 2 for the price of one rune pages ) coming up "in the next month or so". He also briefly mentioned taking a pass at rune, rune page, and skin prices in the near future.
"There will be another rune page sale in the next month or so.

Evaluating bigger changes to rune and rune page prices is on the eCommerce list for the second half of 2013. We are currently evaluating skin prices and will likely have some news to report on that in April. As with the recent changes to champion prices, the goal of all of these changes is to find an approach that is better for players and also works for Riot."

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