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Mega 02-07-2013 12:20 PM

New Champion, Quinn


I know you guys have been patiently waiting and I'm happy to announce we FINALLY have some details on our next champion! Prepare for your first look into the mind of Quinn, an upcoming champion that's going to represent Demacia on the Fields of Justice!
Continue reading for the full teaser, including a short story and two images taken from Quinn's Journal

Here is the teaser / announcement from none other than IronStylus:
"They are the legions of blue and gold. They are the beacons of justice. They bear the standard. They lead the charge.
Demacia has always stood a stalwart sentinel against darkness and evil, but the nation faces a world of new and terrible threats. They wield the sword and spear, marching against their foes in mighty numbers, but can an army catch an assassin? Can numbers alone hold back spells woven in shadow and flame? With such vicious forces bearing down upon her doorstep, how will Demacia endure?
The answer is simple: a new champion approaches.
She is a new kind of hero, one of new mind and new method. One who can go where armies cannot reach, where swords cannot clash.
This is her story. Her worth will be tested, her ways will be questioned, but she will forge ahead. Honor guides her path. Justice steadies her aim. Valor is the only ally she needs."

Following the post, a RiotRunaan took to the forums to tease even more!
"Demacian justice does not cower in the face of growing darkness. Demacian justice does not bow its head to the tyranny of cruel nations. Demacian justice does not flinch when challenged by overwhelming odds and forces unimaginable.

No—as evil casts it shadow over Valoran, Demacian justice rises above it. Embracing the new and the old, with vigilance and honor, Demacian justice takes wing."


EDIT: Two more pages have been added, revealing more of Quinn's back story!
"Hand to the ground. Eyes to the sky. Listening, watching, quick strides towards an unknown target.
The forests stretch out before them. The wind a their backs."

Mega 02-12-2013 05:41 PM

Surrender at 20: Xelnath teasing Quinn and status of HP Bar Update / LoC Indicators


When he's not breaking Yorick on the PBE, Xelnath has been stalking around the forums dropping off a few interesting posts.

Continue reading Xelnath teasing Quinn's abilities and mentioning that the HP Bar & Loss of Control indicators won't be making it into the next live patch.

Teasing Quinn
We don't know too much about Quinn, the next champion to join the League; from her teaser, we can deduce that is that she is from the Demacian lower class, has a pet bird, and specializes in bringing criminals to justice. Playing off the community excitement, Xelnath has been teasing about her abilities over on the forums.
"She shoots a thing, then she birds a thing, then she kicks a thing, then she birds a thing some more.

Yeah, I think thats it. Also, teemo hates her."
He then made an addendum:
"I take it back. Garen hates her more."
If we assume Xelnath is not just messing with us, what could this mean for Quinn? Both Teemo and Garen would be frustrated by some sort of scouting or bush revealing mechanic - perhaps Valor, her bird, follows around targets or something? I certainly don't know but my interest has been sufficiently piqued!

New HP Bars and Loss of Control Indicators Not in Next Patch
As a status update on a few of his projects, Xelnath also posted earlier saying that neither the new HP bar display or the loss of control indicators will be in the next live patch.
"The next PBE push will have this entire system, along with Loss of Control, disabled, as we are not pushing those features in the next patch.

You will have your 100 hp ticks back.... then after we patch, we'll go back into Petridish Beta Environment mode."
The latest PBE update reflects these changes
Surrender at 20: IronStylus talks Quinn and her teaser


Quinn is just the talk of the town and who better to squawk a bit about her than trusty, armored lady makin' and bird lovin' IronStylus?
Continue reading for a few posts, including why Quinn's teaser and her PBE release seem so spaced out, a few hints at her look, a grim note about art spotlights, and more.

Responding to several summoners who are dissatisfied with the amount of time between the teaser's for Quinn and actually seeing something tangible, IronStylus explained that a little slip up that put the last two pages out early has made things more spaced out than intended.
"Some quick context:

Initially today was supposed to be the last day of journal entries, but because of the sleuthing that uncovered the last 2 pages of the journal prematurely, obviously there wasn't anything to show today, that was all done on Friday.

That being said, we did not intend the time from the journal being fully released to her being available on PBE to be long.

Rest assured, Valor's scouting ahead, she's not far behind."
When questioned if future teasers would be this spread out, he commented:
"Still working out the kinks here. Ideally yes, I think we'd like to have a more rapid succession of content preview. This particular case had some hiccups. It's something that doesn't always line up with PBE, that's another factor that can make things a bit slippery."
When asked if there was any concept art for Quinn and Valor, perhaps similar to the Steel Legion Garen concept art IronStylus shared with us in the past, that we'd get to see, he responded:
"I have prepped concept art ready to be shown, I'm not sure specifically when or where it will be posted. I believe it's meant to be shown before PBE release, not 100% sure on that though."
Following the theme of "teaser" or concept content, one concerned summoner questioned about the sudden disappearance of the Art Spotlights. IronStylus responded, explaining that things run a bit differently now.
"Art spotlights may very well already be retired. Those were timelaspse of a single artist working on a single splash for hours on end. Now we have a comprehensive team that dog piles, often taking a piece of the splash and working on it separately in crunch time. That, combined with how some splash is aided by external artists, makes it not feasible to do those spotlights as they were done in the past.

What I'd like to do is get some art assets out when we do produce a champion showing how it evolved. Art spotlights had nothing to do with development, there wasn't a lot of content below the surface novelty. The spotlights were fun but they weren't really able to showcase technical tips because of the speed nor are they really feasible with the current team dynamic. I'd like to roll something out that has more content driven substance. We're working with a different system that is trying very hard for consistency across the board. Spotlights would throw a wrench into a process that's still getting galvanized."
That isn't all he talked about though; He also teased out a few things about Quinn herself.

When asked how armored she she is, IronStylus revealed:
"No naked midriff. On the level of covered she runs about an Iron Solai Leona level of clothed-ness. No plate armor though. Or very little at least.

I just realized that the least covered released character I've worked on has been Skarner..

..I don't know what that means but there you have it."
Following suit, someone asked IronStylus to share how satisfying her auto attacks were on a scale of "On a scale of 1-10, 1 being Human form Elise and 10 being Darius". He replied:
"Oh jeeze, asking the artist about mechanical flavor, this will end well..

That said, I find her auto attacks EXTREMELY satisfying. Some of that is animations and VFX, other parts of it are sound, crisp and snappy, and the other part, the novel part, is the special sauce that's a cornerstone of her auto attacks.

I'd rate her a 10 but that's me also being terrible at this game and squealing with joy when I effectively last hit one minion out of fifty."

Veloze 02-13-2013 12:22 PM


She looks like... Leona x Talon with a bit of Vayne. IronStylus pretty much lied about her armor too.

It's hard to imagine an assassin running around with plate armor instead of leather. Guess it was silly of me to expect her to look similar to Windrunner.

Kenzor 02-13-2013 12:57 PM

Genderbent Jarvan with a crossbow and a pet Anivia.

Mega 02-14-2013 08:18 AM

Surrender at 20: IronStylus talks Quinn's aesthetics


We got our first real peak at Quinn earlier today and now IronStylus is ready to give us some context behind her utilitarian look.
Continue reading for a lengthy post describing Quinn, where she came from conceptually, and why she looks the way she does.

Here is the full spiel from IronStylus:
"Some quick context:
Quinn used to be a guy, then I turned her into a woman. That woman is a ranger, she's prepared for a fight, she's wearing thicker armor but not plate aside from key places where she would have to interact with an enemy's face.

Quinn was not designed to be in a skin-tight outfit. That was tried, and look, again, like a woman with a cape, in a skin tight outfit, which had been worked to death by Zyra, Syndra, Elise, and Diana. She does not care about looking feminine, she cares about utility. Baggy fatigues which have hardened pockets, knee pads to dig into the ground to take a shot, no exposed flesh to take a graze.

A functional Demacian helmet which adds sleekness is a design choice. It's Valkyrie, it's a motif, and it's a visual landmark. She has a gauntlet reminiscent of a falconer's glove which is armored because Valor has armor on his talons, to again, interact with an enemy's face. He can do damage to even thick leather.

Her hood is collapsed, she has essentially a themed parka with a bird motif, Functional but themed.

She has what equates to kevlar, thickened material able to resist a blade. She has Demacian signifiers all over her, and bird motifs worked in. She is functional but fantasy.

Regarding femininity, I was called out long ago when Sejuani released for making the reasoning that Sejuani might wear less clothing so that "you can tell she's female." That is an invalid argument and a sad excuse to design a particular way. A ranger, an elite, doesn't care whether you can tell they are a female or a male. They are interested in getting the job done, and having the gear to do so. We gave Quinn that gear and did not embrace the traditional route of the tight-clothed standard fantasy ranger. She's a new ranger for a new time. She hits the Demacian notes but plays off of them. That is the rational behind similar armor themes to Garen and Jarvan. That's how we establish she's in the military proper, but not standard in uniform.

For reference, take a look ad Deunan Knute from Appleseed. She has no boob or breastplates. She is completely covered with a half-helm. She has short hair. She is a bit more masculine, that's the goal. She is not a waif, but she is agile. She has small breasts, a tighter frame, but is fairly androgynous. That's what we wanted to portray, and I feel we hit that.
Honestly, I feel I owe no excuses. You know my history, you know my goals. I design the women in armor. I do not design the over-sexualized, the seductress, or the siren. Different artists gravitate towards different styles and themes. When this champion came along, I opted to work on it because I felt I could bring a different take. Initially, she did start out as a traditional fantasy ranger, and actually was melee at the time. However, that was not the route we wanted to take. That was standard, it was conventional, and it was boring. I drove away from it and made something rugged in the new direction we're trying to take our style. Fantasy, but not traditional fantasy.
This is my take. If you don't like it that's perfectly fine. I, like all artists, design with particular design and form language as my signature. You might have noticed Zyra, Syndra and Elise were designed by the same artist. Sexy bodies, integrated clothing/biology, dark females. Same with artist for Nautilus, Ziggs and Lulu. Friendly shapes, opposing colors, offbeat characters. Just like game designers have similar flavor to their champions across the board artists have similar common expressions.

If you want a traditional archer, with a traditional fantasy get-up, with a traditional build, and a traditional design where female form expression trumps practically fighting the fight, I am not your guy, and I'm glad to admit that. That's my strength, that why I work on what I work on.
I do not abide by the established or the expected, neither does Riot on the whole. It is not our job to abide, it's our job to challenge the convention and question traditional execution.
Thanks for the feedback. Thanks for understanding where we're coming from. This isn't just me. This is part of something larger. Pendulums will swing, you'll get your stripped down heroes. Quinn is not one of them and we're proud of that"
Need a refresher on what Quinn looks like? NEVER FEAR! Here is the most complete image we have of her.

P.S: I love IronStylus.

Mega 02-20-2013 03:24 PM

Quinn and Valor, Demacia's Wings, Revealed | LoL - League of Legends


Who's excited for Quinn and Valor?
Continue reading for Riot's official look at Quinn and Valor's kit, playstyle, and lore!

"Quinn and Valor, Demacia’s Wings, will be swooping onto the Fields of Justice in the upcoming patch. The most comprehensive duo to grace League of Legends yet, Quinn and Valor work in tandem to punish their opponents through agile and precise attacks.
  • Harrier (Passive): Valor periodically marks enemies as Vulnerable. Quinn's first attack against Vulnerable targets will deal bonus physical damage.
  • Blinding Assault: Quinn sends Valor forth in a straight line skillshot. Valor stops at the first enemy struck, damaging and briefly blinding all nearby enemies.
    • Tag Team: Valor damages and blinds all nearby enemies.
  • Heightened Senses:
    • (Passive): Attacking a Vulnerable target will increase Quinn’s Attack Speed for a few seconds.
    • (Active): Valor rushes to the skies, revealing a large area around Quinn, including all brush and non-stealthed units.
    • Tag Team:
      • (Passive): Valor gains a large amount of Attack Speed permanently.
      • (Active): Valor reveals a large area around him, including brush and non-stealthed units.
  • Vault: Quinn dashes to an enemy, dealing damage and slowing them briefly. She then kicks back off her target, landing near her maximum attack range.
    • Tag Team: Valor dashes to an enemy, damaging and slowing them for a brief time.
  • Tag Team:
    • First Cast: Quinn leaps away from the battlefield and allows Valor to take her place briefly. Valor functions as a mobile melee attacker and gains a huge Movement Speed bonus when out of combat. This bonus is decreased gradually to a smaller value when in combat.
    • Second Cast (Skystrike): Valor flies from the battlefield, allowing Quinn to return in a hail of bolts that damage all nearby enemies. Damage is increased based on how much health targets are missing. If Tag Team is not cast a second time, Skystrike is cast automatically once Tag Team ends.

Quinn and Valor’s combined prowess makes them a highly mobile carry combo. During the laning stage, the passive effects from Harrier and Heightened Senses make Quinn an excellent last-hitter, and raises the chances of the duo securing kills against enemy champions. Quinn and Valor also enjoy a range of defensive abilities: Quinn can activate Heightened Senses to check for approaching junglers, while Vault ensures Quinn can easily maintain safe distance when enemies come in for the kill. If an opponent is still able to close in, the blind from Blinding Assault can briefly neutralize the enemy and allow for a hasty retreat.

Quinn and Valor are also highly capable when assisting friendly ganks. The slow from Vault makes their target susceptible to skillshots, and grants valuable time to secure a kill before your enemy can escape. The best Quinn and Valor players can even use smart positioning and timing with Vault to launch Quinn over terrain. Quinn and Valor also excel at chasing down fleeing enemies. Activating Heightened Senses gives vision across terrain and into brush, allowing the duo to close in on enemies attempting to juke. Meanwhile, the speed bonus from Tag Team helps Valor hunt down retreating prey before Quinn returns to Skystrike for the killing blow.

The nature of Quinn and Valor’s play changes fundamentally once you gain access to Tag Team. While still a disruptive ranged duo, Tag Team temporarily turns Valor into a melee monster, perfectly poised for pursuing wounded enemies and cleaning up team fights. As a lengthy buff, Tag Team affords Valor enough time to zip between lanes to defend or split push as needed. The long duration also means Valor can fully disengage from a team fight, reposition and heal up if needed, and re-enter the fight once the conditions are more favorable.

Quinn and Valor operate as an extremely powerful and mobile team, perfect for new players and veterans looking to carry in League of Legends!



Quinn and Valor are an elite ranger team. With crossbow and claw, they undertake their nation's most dangerous missions deep within enemy territory, from swift reconnaissance to lethal strikes. The pair’s unbreakable bond is deadly on the battlefield, leaving opponents blind and riddled with arrows long before they realize who they're fighting: not one, but two Demacian legends.

As a young girl, Quinn shared a hunger for adventure with her twin brother. They dreamed of becoming knights, but lived a quiet, humble life in the rural borderlands of Demacia. Together they imagined triumphant battles in faraway lands, seizing glory for their king and slaying foes in the name of Demacian justice. When daydreams alone could no longer satisfy their warriors’ souls, they embarked on daring wilderness adventures in search of true danger. One such quest turned to tragedy when a terrible accident claimed her brother's life. Overcome with grief, Quinn abandoned her dreams of knighthood.

On the anniversary of her loss, Quinn gathered the courage to return to the scene of the tragedy. To her surprise, she found a wounded Demacian eagle at the site of her brother’s death – a rare and beautiful bird long believed extinct. Quinn nursed the fledgling back to health, and as they grew up together, a deep bond formed between the two. She saw the same quality in her newfound friend that had lived within her brother, and so she gave him the name "Valor." The pair found strength in each other, and together they pursued the dream she had once abandoned.

The Demacian army had never seen heroes like Quinn and Valor. Their deadly skills quickly set them apart from their rank-and-file peers, but many still had their doubts. How could a common-born girl, even with such a powerful creature at her side, forego years of military training? Quinn and Valor proved themselves on one critical mission, tracking down a Noxian assassin who had evaded an entire Demacian battalion. When they brought him to justice, they finally earned the admiration and respect of their nation. The two now serve as living, fighting icons of Demacian strength and perseverance. Together, Quinn and Valor will stand against any threat to their beloved home.

"Most soldiers only rely on their weapons. Few truly rely on each other." - Quinn

Head over to Reddit on February 21st at 10 AM PST for an AMA hosted by Quinn’s designers!"

Mega 02-28-2013 05:58 PM


"Learn how to tag team your enemies into submission in this Champion Spotlight, as we showcase the tricks and turns of Quinn and Valor, Demacia’s Wings.
A potent carry combo designed with mobility and versatility in mind, Quinn and Valor can leap in and out of combat at a moment’s notice with their disabling and damaging skills. When it’s time to clean up the enemy team, Valor swoops in to chase down fleeing foes at blinding speed.
Find out more about this lethal duo with tips, tricks, sample mastery builds and more in the Quinn and Valor Champion Spotlight."

I know who to expect as the ADC in every battle this week and next~

Sizzurp 02-28-2013 09:02 PM

Toplane bruiser Quinn, hello

Nihil679 02-28-2013 10:01 PM

I'm busy laughing my shit off at the "You should still buy wards" comment on Heightened Senses. It was too good.

Mega 02-28-2013 11:26 PM

Kenzor 03-01-2013 10:03 AM


Originally Posted by Mega (Post 1807152)

I know who to expect as the ADC in every battle this week and next~

Is it just me or does Phreak seem to be speaking awfully fast in this video?

and lol @ that huge Kayle nerf.

Mega 03-01-2013 11:17 AM

Yep...somethings not right with Phreak. Wonder if he's next in line to get fired or something e_e;

Never does patch previews anymore...

Kenzor 03-01-2013 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by Mega (Post 1807248)
Yep...somethings not right with Phreak. Wonder if he's next in line to get fired or something e_e;

Never does patch previews anymore...

No, he was on holiday I think lol.

Mega 03-01-2013 09:50 PM

Actually turns out he's just super busy with those tourney's now :X lol.

In case you're blind / haven't logged in and seen the million Quinn's already~


Quinn and Valor, Demacia's dynamic duo, are now available for purchase! For their first week of availability, they will be priced at 975 RP / 7800 IP, after which they will drop to the standard 6300 IP price point. Alternatively, you can pick up both QV and Phoenix Quinn for a mere 1492 RP.
Continue reading for a closer look at Quinn and Valor, their release skin, login screen, and more!

Quinn and Valor

In case you missed it, here is a encore showing of the Quinn and Valor's champion spotlight:

Phoenix Quinn "Phoenix Quinn and Valor have come blazing out, ready to set the battlefield alight. With fiery new particles and explosive new animations, you’ll rise above your foes as you torch them to ashes."
For those who might want to take another peek at their login screen and music:

Sodacan 03-02-2013 09:10 AM


Originally Posted by 0asis (Post 1807176)
Toplane bruiser Quinn, hello

I played against one. She's super squishy even with defensive runes/masteries/items and is incredibly easy to shut down and force out of a fight.

Sizzurp 03-02-2013 10:18 AM

Nono! I played 9/24/0 | ad/armor runes, fked a malphite

Kenzor 03-02-2013 11:03 AM

Login screen music sounds like Korean MMORPG BGM lolol

Zero 03-02-2013 11:05 AM

She's alright.

Beat one into the ground with Varus.

iTaker 03-02-2013 11:30 AM

She's ok but people don't really know how to use her kit properly yet. So for now people are getting crushed pretty hard in a place like bot, but again she is strong when used correctly from what I've seen.

Sizzurp 03-02-2013 07:14 PM

League of the Ruined King yo

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