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Mega 01-28-2013 08:04 PM

Update on Loss of Control Indicators
Surrender at 20: Update on Loss of Control Indicators


Remember that thread a while back asking for feedback on Loss of Control indicators? Well Xelnath, the game systems designer in charge of the project, is finally back with something to show off!
Continue reading for two small red posts regarding the upcoming Loss of Control Indicators.

First off , Xelnathdropped off a general update on the project and revealed an in game shot ( something you may recognize from one of our previous PBE Update posts ) of the new optional bars. These bars will pop up under the overhead health and mana bars, have a small icon to denote the CC currently afflicting them, and count down the duration of the CC.
"Hey guys, here's an update.

Two very cool things:
#1) New icons! Mega props to our art team on this, especially Mitch.
#2) This in an in-game screenshot
We still need to do extensive testing on this before it goes live though. So it won't be in the next patch."

That update wasn't all though! He also shared that Riot is working on spiffy new CC icons for the bars and, as you may have noticed from the header image, previewed the new fear icon.
"We're still working on the icons. We have a new icon in the works for fear that I *really* like
Edit: And here it is!"

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