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Mega 12-29-2012 01:13 PM

Nidalee's Other Splash Arts and Vi Bug Fixes
Surrender at 20: Nidalee's Other Splash Arts and Vi Bug Fixes


While it may be snowing cats and dogs here at the S@20 base of operations, that isn't going to stop me from delivering you a warm bundle of red posts!
Continue reading for red posts concerning where the other updated Nidalee Splash arts are and some Vi bug fixes coming in the next patch.

Nidalee's Other Splash Arts are still in line to be updated.
Ricklessabandon dropped off another post pertaining to the other Nidalee splash arts that were not updated when her visual update was release, saying:
"they aren't finished quite yet. the splash team has been working full steam on seasonal/new content, which takes priority over updating older images when we're time-constrained.

she will get updates other than just the base, it'll just be a bit longer—apologies for the wait."
Vi Bug Fixes coming in next patch.
According to gypsylord, there seems to be a few bug fixes for Vi lined up, particularly one that causes her to stop moving completely when she casts her Q.
"...Will fix when everyone gets back to the office.

Also will fix Q losing its CD when you get stunned.

Also will fix Q not refunding mana when canceled.

Also will fix other bugs. FEAR NOT!"
Responding to a summoner inquiring why bugs like this make it to live and aren't fixed during the testing process, gypsylord said:
"Yes, they should have. Bugs are going to happen but that doesn't mean it sucks any less when a player runs into one and has it adversely affect his/her game. This is my fault.

As a rookie designer I'm constantly learning new things about how our game works. When I heard that people were stopping when using Q I went and tried to repro the thing for a couple hours using move commands/smart casting/what have you. Did not realize having an autoattack target would affect a champion's motion in a totally different way from a normal move command and not allow you to continue after casting Q. Now I know. I'll fix this for Vi ASAP and make sure to never let it happen again on any of my future champs.

You have my apologies."

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