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Mega 12-10-2012 08:35 PM

Friends list Notes now available on NA
Surrender at 20: Friends list Notes now available on NA


Friend's list notes are now available on NA ( and coming to other servers very soon! ) !
Simply navigate to your desired friend, right click their name, and select "edit" note. This will give you a prompt allowing you to classify your friend anyway you want and will show your note when you hover over the "notepad" icon near their name

Curious to why Riot hasn't made an announcement about this seemingly long lost feature? Volibar commented, via reddit, on why they haven't said anything yet:
"We didn't announce it because it's not on everywhere. This is one of those features that required way more work than you'd think, just due to the number of players that we have.
We'll be rolling it out to other regions over the coming days / weeks just to make sure that the service remains stable.
Enjoy, and if you have feedback, let us know as always!"

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