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10-20-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Default Co-op VS AI on TT, More on Skin Wards, and Legacy Status of new skins

Surrender at 20: Co-op VS AI on TT, More on Skin Wards, and Legacy Status of new skins

Riot is putting it on thick with all this news! Although, that probably has something to do with the fact that the Shadow Isles patch is gearing up to be one of the biggest League of Legends updates to date!
Continue reading for posts concerning bot support for the new Twisted Treeline, more from Hippalus on the upcoming ward skins, and some confirmation on if the Harrowing & Shadow Isles skins will be legacy or not.

Co-OP vs AI on the new Twisted Treeline
I have some good news for you Co-op vs Ai enthusiasts out there! According to BuffMePlz, the newly updated Twisted Treeline will ship with bot support!
"Hey all, we're super excited to announce that Twisted Treeline will ship day and date with complete bot support. That means you'll be able to queue up on Twisted Treeline with friends in Co-op vs. AI, or load up some bots for practice in custom games!

This should be enabled on PBE now with a couple of issues we weren't able to fix in time for the build:
1) The bots on top lane will occasionally path through Vilemaw's lair instead of staying in lane (oops)
2) Bots have a chance to get stuck jittering back and forth on the edges of the jungle (you'll know when it happens)

Both of these issues should be fixed with the next deploy, but let us know if you see any other issues!

Additionally, Veigar has joined the bot roster!

More on Ward Skins
These are the five initial ward skins, available temporarily with the upcoming Shadow Isles patch. Hippalus has posted a response based on the heated ward skins situation we read about yesterday, recapping the most prominent feed back and updating us on their current status.
"Hi all, here are our takeaways from yesterday's ward skin feedback.

1) Most players like the idea of ward skins.
2) Most players dislike the idea of rental content, especially for RP, and when that content cannot be purchased permanently.
3) The Shadow Isles ward skin test has some flaws, which have been covered in detail in other threads.
4) The ward skin communication made those flaws worse.

The Shadow Isles event will still take place as planned, but this feedback has been heard and will impact our approach going forward for ward skins and other new types of content. This remains a test of player interest in seasonal ward skins for rent, and of ward skins impact on gameplay, not the beginning of a master plan to move League of Legends to a rental business model. New types of content going forward will rarely if ever be available for rent. For ward skins longer term, if they stay in the game, there will be a selection of permanent ward skins that are always available. There may also be permanent wards skins that can only be purchased for a limited time, as well as seasonal options available for rent. I will keep the community updated as those decisions are made and the reasons behind them.

Thank you for your passion for League of Legends and for helping us make it a better game."
Shadow Isles & Harrowing skins - Legacy or not?
Earlier today, Hippalusput up a poll giving summoners a chance to weigh in on if the newest batch of skins will be permanent additions to the store or if they will be temporarily available before retiring to the Legacy skins vault. The poll has since been closed and the results are in! The Shadow Isles skins ( Headless Hecarim, Haunted Maokai, and Underworld Twisted Fate ) will be permanently available in the store and the Harrowing Skins ( Headmistress Fiora, Zombie Brand, and Pirate Ryze ) will be legacy skins.
"Interesting responses and very close poll. The slight winner with nearly 40% of the vote is Shadow Isles skins permanent and Harrowing skins legacy.

Looking at Shadow Isles individually, 56% voted permanent (39% + 17%) and 44% voted Legacy.
For Harrowing individually, Legacy was a clear winner.

It will be done."
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