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Mega 10-04-2012 05:22 PM

10/4 PBE Update
Surrender at 20: 10/4 PBE Update


( This is a work in progress thread and will be constantly updated until all the new PBE goodies are found. I'll remove this message when things are in order and not just being slammed into the post )

An update has been deployed to the PBE servers!

news skins

I'll get the a better picture when I can get one! LOLVIEWER is derpin'.


Twisted Fate update

Default skin
Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate
PAX Twisted Fate

Kenzor 10-05-2012 06:33 AM

I thought Riven was PFE for a sec there lol.
Damn that War Hero Janna is disappointing, if I weren't gold already I probably wouldn't bother working for THAT.

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